Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jess Davies And The Kansas City Link Look

Jess Davies is a 20-year-old Welsh glam model who might one day be the future ex-wife of TKC if I can ever perfect my system for rigging the lottery via wi-fi and high hopes.

For now, we'll have to settle for checking these Kansas City mainstream media links this afternoon:

- Cowtown Biz High Hopes In A Losing Game: KC-area leaders advise Kansas on border war truce

- Local Burnt End Clue: KC police find torched car they believe was used in Tuesday's double homicide

- Thoughts About The Future Of Our Scholars: Kansas Citians React To Proposal For School District Overhaul

- Lesson In Austerity: Kansas Lawmakers Could Try To Reverse Corrections Cuts

- Ethics Celebration: Kander pushes campaign contribution limits, ban on lobbyist gifts

- Hamburger Property Rights: Appeals court serves up a whopper in eminent domain case

- Tragic High Times In The Northland: Teen faces manslaughter charge in death from synthetic drug

- Golden Ghetto Tech: Leawood-based Front Flip app hits 1 million users

- Unfortunate Post Season Win: Andy Reid named AFC Coach of Year by Committee of 101

- Merch For Losers: Bobbleheads, camo jerseys, T-shirt Tuesdays among Royals promotions for upcoming season

As always, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all thinks off-topic and otherwise interesting . . .


Jimbo Creamer said...

Camo Creep into mainstream as fashion accessory...slowly marketing a growing police/military state to the goober-class rubes.

Anonymous said...

If Kander can get that done he will be my hero.

jodi hi-ro said...

kander doesn't dream big enough. just fund campaigns with taxpayer dollars. maybe then we'll be governed by reasonable people, rather than lobbyists for the oil and payday loan industries.

jodi hi-ro said...

that is, if you think mature adults actually need to be governed ;)

Anonymous said...

Well Jodi, I can see why an idiot like you would like Byron. Funding campaigns with tax payers dollars is the dumbest fucking thing I have seen said on here all day. No wait let me say for at least past year or so.
I say all corporations and people are limited to only donating no more than 100 bucks to any campaign. No tax number or SS number then you can't make a donation. Make breaking that law a huge fine and problem solved.

Byron Funkhouser said...

This is done in other countries. But, then other countries don't allow bribery in the name of free speech.