Friday, January 31, 2014

Jess Davies And The Kansas City Early Look

Just Jess Davies this morning and our flurry of Kansas City mainstream media morning links . . .

- Kansas City Keeps Complaining About High Speed Internets: Some unhappy with what Google Fiber installation does to their yards

- Lobbying For Better Booze Regs: Should KS grocery stores sell liquor?

- KCK Prison Industrial Complex Debate: Opponents seek new location for KCK parole office

- Global Climate Change Is Destroying Your House: Dry conditions can leave homes on unstable foundations

- Show-Me State Sanctioned Killing Spree: Lawyers: Missouri moves too fast in executions

- Local Gunfire Blame Game: Victim alleges he was introduced to shooting suspect through landlord

- Even More Dead Tree Media Cheer-leading: Editorial: Keep up momentum on GOP pitch for 2016 convention

- Meth Town Drive-By Beat Down: 'Rolling assault' leads to police pursuit, crash

- Absentee Rent Report: Landlord nowhere to be found or heard from, but he still wants his money

- Powerful Investigation: KCTV5 exposes the 9-volt battery fire danger

- Golden Ghetto RunDown: Pedestrian killed on SB I-435 in Shawnee

- Cowtown Scholars Get New Good Enough Degree: KC students preview test replacing GED

- Prepare To Get Choked Up On This Human Interest Story: Faces of Kansas City: Cook class serves as support group

- Local Life Journey: Woman's strength, faith helps with long recovery following crash

- Visit With Scholars: KCPS ready to showcase Kansas City Public Schools Plan to public through open houses

For Friday morning . . . This is just one more OPEN THREAD for all things local and somewhat important . . .


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Last night a super TKC Tipster report had KC winning the GOP a retract ? Sound like bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Cum Guy do you like Jess Daives ???

Anonymous said...

Did ya ever notice how the vast majority of crime, violence and mayhem, is created or committed by niggers?? No really, for only being a minority, they sure do make a mess of things.

Anonymous said...

There's never been more hype and people making fools of themselves than all the breathless rah rah over Google fiber.
Google sure knew how to pick a spot in the country where they could experiment on the locals.
Followed by the streetcar salesmen.
Who's next?

Anonymous said...

True words, 6:53...been an absolute clown show.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Smulls spent 22 years on death row going through multiple appeals at the states cost and now some bozo lawyer is saying the state moved to fast putting this pos to death. Wasn't he able to squeeze enough out of John Q Publics pocket trying to drag this out as long as possible. I think cruel and unusual punishment is spending half your life in a cage knowing somebody is going to kill you.

Anonymous said...

I think the Google Fiber cables hanging from telephone poles look fabulous! They add to the natural beauty of the eco system!!

Anonymous said...

- Absentee Rent Report -

Its a nigger what else would you expect?

Warning white people, stop doing business with niggers.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have Google Fiber. I'm free of AT&T for the first time since 1971.

As for the complaining property owners, they need to get their attorneys to explain the concept of easements to them.