Thursday, January 02, 2014

Holly Peers And Getting A Hold On Kansas City Mainstream Media Links This Morning

We're happy to start the morning with Holly Peers . . . And all of these other Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Guide To Protecting Kansas City Pipes

- Sunflower State Political Dress Code: Kansas legislative interns urged to dress for success

- Newspaper Homicide Analysis: Kansas City homicides in 2013 followed a tragic pattern

- Man runs every block in Missouri city during 2013 . . . Sadly, in Cape Girardeau that couldn't be more than like a dozen, right? Click to find out.

- Blaming Somebody Besides The Shooter: Concussion lawsuit blames Kansas City Chiefs for player's rampage

- College Credit Collapse: Student loan agency's tactics are under scrutiny

- Show-Me Copyright Snark: Missouri Brewery to Starbucks: ‘Here’s $6, Now Shut Up!’

- Changing Doggie Style: Wayside Waifs looks to 'rebrand' for its 70th year

- Insider Higher Ed Rethinks Social Media Ruckus: A Dangerous Policy

- Dead Tree Media Touts Another Kind Of Obsolescence: Needles and spins: Young music fans clamor for vintage turntables and vinyl records

As always, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic but still important . . .


Anonymous said...

Speaking of obsolescence when you going to do something about this blog?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't ck protect pipes for you? So glad I moved to Overland Park. Pipes never freeze here because we don't have a streetcar and even though our taxes are higher there's no waste even the money we pay f subsidized parking in the TDD we didn't getti vote on at oak park mall or the subsidized sprint campus or the subsidized corporate woods and we have 18 lane highways that never pay fr themselves and that's good tax usages with no corruption which you can tell because all the houses are not so old. And even though the north part of the city of op is losing population as quickly as east kcmo it doesn't matter because my street was plowed.

Anonymous said...

The pictured young woman appears to be practicing (no, stupid, don't say boning up on) for a popular form of alternative sexual congress.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering filing lawsuits against my high school's school district, my Pop Warner football organization when I was a kid, my local Parks & Recreation group and any others I can think of......because all that football, soccer, etc., may have done previously undiagnosed damage to my brain!!

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