Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dangerous Kansas City Weather Track Record

A sign that our horrific homicide count isn't the only reason to fear life in Kansas City.

Check it: Mother Nature’s Bullseye’s: 10 Places Where Living Can Be Dangerous

Kansas City, MO:  The state of Missouri ranks 10th on the list of the major disaster declaration. Since 1953 there have been 53 declarations. Kansas City is holding up its end of the state with over 6000 weather extreme events since 1950. The area has experienced over 600 floods and 130 tornados in the last seventy years.

Meanwhile, Springtime approaches and primetime TV will be mostly unwatchable given local weather newsies flipping out over light rain and clouds.


Anonymous said...

CK is the biggest major disaster underway in this State.

Anonymous said...

All this happened before global warming?