Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Check The Top Kansas City Car Crash Sites

Turns out Kansas City Drivers Are HORRIBLE getting on the highway . . . KCPD releases top 5 crash sites for 4th quarter 2013

1. Interstate 435 and Wornall Road

2. Interstate 435 and Interstate 70

3. 20th Street and Interstate 35

4. Gregory Boulevard and US 71

5. Interstate 435 and Holmes Road


Anonymous said...

How many traffic tickets are issued at these locations? My guess is very few since these intersections are inconvenient for issuing tickets and therefore not cost effective in raising revenue.

Anonymous said...

actually the wrecks happen on the highway and enforcement at the intersection is not the solution. Volume and speed on the interstate is the cause.

Anonymous said...

People drive like idiots on the highways. Every motha fucker wants to be the first one down the road, cutting in and out of traffic to win the race to work. Slow down people.