Sunday, January 19, 2014

Check The Northeast Kansas City Film Group

The Northeast Film Group takes its name from Kansas City's Historic Northeast neighborhood and we like what we've seen from them so far.

The NE film group skews toward music video, horror flicks and just a bit of retro-camp content but their machine gun fast visuals and visceral imagery speak to reality here in Kansas City.

One of their latest projects:

Admiral of the Red - Natural State of Mind

It's a not too shabby death metal clip that splices horror movie content with a bit of a basement jam session for a local band . . .

Again, what we like here is the emergence of another group of creative moviemakers in this town who aren't focusing on content for the hipster set or infomercials for the next, big eco-devo project ripoff. Certainly worth a click for fans of the genre and a quick look at yet another creative community in Kansas City bringing their content to the digital age.

While you watch . . . We're working on more content for the morning update and hopefully we'll have more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, local content, discussion, discourse, debate, probably more than just a bit of hateration and all kinds of good stuff in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Seen them live. Not bad. They're going on tour soon too.

elBryan said...

NFG are the same guys that did the Bob Berdella movie, right?

I really want to know more about these dudes.