Friday, January 17, 2014

Check Last Night's Kansas City Ruckus

Take a look @ this week in left vs. right local opinion from our favorite Kansas City institution of political discussion.

Here's the latest episode of Ruckus:

Topics include:

- The KCI Single Terminal Airport Debate

- Kansas Education Funding

- Obamacare

- Roasts & Toasts is a TKC Favorite

Click the link to watch the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Not watching it. Not interested in being put into a coma.

Anonymous said...

more interisted in national crap than local stuff. have gotten away from what made them worth watching

Anonymous said...

The positions of this group is predictable. Boring and useless.

Anonymous said...

Replace Shannon. What a pompous windbag.

Even it's a commercial-free media, I'm very good at fast forwarding.

Miss you Rich Nadler.

Anonymous said...

RUCKUS w/managing food for thought editor Mike Shanin

KCI Single Terminal
Mike jumps right in and rips the scab off the KC Star's KCI Single Terminal cheerleading. Yael quickly dismisses the recent comments from airline executives discounting the need for a new terminal, and admits he's a "salty" character! Mary commends Lynn Horsely's recent article, highlighting that those who stand to gain financially from the new construction are the biggest proponents. Gwen anxiously awaits the consultants report. Steve (who was ID'ed as Woody on screen) offered brief and commonsense remarks. In summary, Yael was the solo holdout, hoping for a new single terminal. Fael!

KS School Finance
Mike asks what is "suitable"? Steve refers to the "wise and learned" and predicts the justices will not set up a constitutional crisis. Mike shows a Brownback video clip. Yael suggests those who don't follow a court order should be thrown in jail, and admits he's a bit hyper! Mary stresses that the KS Constitution is quite clear on "suitable provision." Steve asks "who would you put in jail" and succinctly summarizes with "it's a mess beyond description."

MO Education Commissioner
Mike "enters" the conversation. Gwen opines that Dr. Nicastro needs to regain credibility in the community. Mike translates for those not fluent in the language of acronym. Yael was disappointed in Dr. Green. Mary advises Nicastro to "cool her jets"...this is as close as Mary comes to cursing at someone. Mike sums up with "nothing will be done for a while, meanwhile KCPS students will remain in an unaccredited district."

SABATO PREDICTS Republican Gains
Mike opens this segment chiding "Mary you can't always be right." Mary responds "Mike are you referring to me?" and discounts Mr. Sabato as a political scientist, while she was a history major! Steve disagrees with Mary's analysis (SHOCK!) and says Obamacare WILL be an important issue in the 2014 elections. Yael wishes someone would wake up the Democrats.

Gwen throws a brick at the Hickman Mills School District for mishandling a broken water pipe situation. Steve toasts Chris Christie for standing up like a man, a BIG man, and contrasts his response to that of Hillary Clinton's mishandling of the Benghazi mess. Yael roasts the KS Board of Regents approval of the KU $17.5 athlete dorm. Mary commits an act of premature elocution by quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. prior to the holiday, and toasts the SCLC for their recent meeting in KC. Mike closes with a recent Gallup Poll which found that 23% of Americans identify as Liberal, while 38% identify as Conservative. The rise in liberal identification among all Americans is due exclusively to the changes among democrats....which leads Mike to ask "what in the world did they think they were before?"


Anonymous said...

Thank you, 12:18. Your review that took 3 minutes to read saved me 25 minutes of watching the nattering nabobs.

Anonymous said...

What a fucking clown club.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Jugaloo's!

jodi hi-ro said...

+1 12:18

lol comparing benghazi with chris christies phantom tollbooths.

good for yael slamming freddie logan on the 8-1 vote for fancy jayhawk shit. i love the jayhawks, but stop acting like its amateur. if it comes down to how much you spend on real estate for the players, all the best players are going to start going to fordham and usc and stanford. idk how much the highest rents in lawrence are, but i think the university has a better chance competing if they just compensate the players.

Anonymous said...

Giant was of time to watch these whores. I've got better things to do.

Pooty Tang said...

Thank you should do this weekly. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Do these people get paid? How much? It's a waste of the money Insendvtonsupport public television.
Yes, Shanin is an arrogant, pompous windbag.