Monday, January 06, 2014

Brad Pitt Will Save Kansas City!!!

One more eco-devo scheme for local suckers who will never learn: New Bancroft school apartments are seen as a spark for urban core redevelopment


Anonymous said...

2009- Cleaver calls the $50 million Green Impact "the most innovative and significant development in modern Kansas City history".

2014- The "only major development (occurring) east of Troost" is the Bancroft School project.

So 5 years and nearly $100 million later, the grand sum total of development sparked by the GIZ is ONE containing 29 apartments?

I'm beginning to think the two $2.2 million dollar houses on Tracy that were renovated by HEDFC a few years back were a bargain!

Anonymous said...

What a duplicitous puff piece by the tool Hendricks.

He conveniently omits that several years BEFORE all the insider double dealings that resulted in the renovation of Bancroft by Make It Right, there was another development group that had the rights and was ready to begin the conversion of the school. THAT developer (which just happened to be a black-owned business) was forced out of the project because they weren't "partnering" with the "right" people (i.e. Ivanhoe insiders). This entrenched group of grifters was in danger of losing their east-of-Troost disinvestment narrative and the public dollars that go with it (not to mention their place at the head of the line of the government-funded gravy train).

So they forced out that developer and found a bunch of white guys that they could control to do the job instead.

That is how it works in CK.

Anonymous said...

So Crosby Kemper was an evil prick