Monday, January 20, 2014

Beyoncé And The Kansas City Links

Beyoncé shows her booty in the name of equality as we compile these Kansas City mainstream media links.

- Call To Speak Up In Kansas City: KC police say witnesses needed to solve homicides

- Deadly Run-In Across The State Line: Police: 1 suffers life-threatening injuries in KCK crash

- Low Rent Challenger Against $1 Mil: KCK’s Kultala May Challenge Yoderin Ks-3

- Sunflower State Explanation: Lt. Governor's $500K loan to Brownback not unusual

- Krazy Kris Gets Some Kash: Kobach raises $96K in Kan. secretary of state race

- Restaurant Shutdown Among The Working Class: Waldo's Swagger loses lawsuit, shuts down

- Pussy On Fire In Perfect Village: Woman safe, but cats perish in early morning house fire

- Holiday Dedication: Some spend Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday serving others

- Losing Season Switcheroo: Kansas City Royals Agree to Terms with 4 Players

- Animal Assistance Across The Bridge: Pets and people evacuated from Northland animal hospital

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Anonymous said...

Solving Homicides is a euphemism.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't go with the "hot pussy" angle, T.

Fat and Ugly Anonymous.................. said...

Fuck Beyonce and her fat ass booty....that would be like fucking Oprah without a sack on her ugly fucking head.

Anonymous said...

In honor of MLK, Beyonce announced that she will forgo her usual Monday skin whitening procedure.

JayZ has pimped out that bitch royally. Such a testament to black women everywhere. Beyonce says, "you too can be a 'ho!"

Anonymous said...

8:38 LOL