Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ann Murguia Leads The Charge For Open And Progressive Government In KCK!!!

Here's a bit of good news from across the State Line amid a recent spate of violence.

WyCo Unified Gov. Official Ann Murguia is leading the charge for open government.

However . . .


Check the deets of a presser just posted on her social media presence:

Six Unified Government Commissioners of Wyandotte County announce their Unified and On-going Commitment to Progressive and Open Government for Wyandotte County in 2014.

In 2013 the entire Commission engaged in two separate strategic planning sessions to determine their priorities. As a result of those public meetings ten (10) priority goals for the upcoming year were determined. Currently the Commission meets three (3) of the four (4) Thursdays every month. Given the number of goals the Commission wants to accomplish it has recommended to the Mayor that the Commission meet every Thursday evening. The Mayor has begun to work on the 2014 calendar and the Commission will continue to follow up on their request to add an additional commission meeting night to accomplish the goals listed below.

1) New Unified Government Administrator and Police Chief The announced retirement of Unified Government Administrator Dennis Hays in 2013 has had the Commission diligently seeking a quality replacement. The search firm has been hired and finding the best qualified candidate is well underway.

The Administrator is the top Unified Government staff person and is in charge of the daily county government operation throughout the County. It is the Administrator that the elected officials rely on to disperse the financial resources the Commission provides, evenly, throughout the entire county in the most efficient and effective manner. It will be crucial for the Administrator to lead the way on enhancing cooperation with Edwardsville and Bonner Springs. The Administrator must serve as a role model for the staff working at the Unified Government. That is why it is imperative for the Administrator to be honest, trustworthy, fair, and inclusive and a person of high integrity.

The Mayor will recommend a candidate to the Commission for hiring. It requires at least six Commissioners to approve the recommended candidate to be offered the position. This process should be complete by March 2014.

Like the Unified Government Administrator, the Commission is looking forward to the hiring of the new Police Chief. The new Administrator will hire for this position.

2) The Charter The Unified Government Charter is a top priority. It has been 15 years since this consolidated government was formed, and given our experience we want to look at whether we can make changes that emphasize a more open and professional government.

3) Ethics Commissioners fully support ethics ordinances that outline what the Commission determine appropriate behavior for elected officials and employees of the Unified Government. However, we need to ensure that the ethics policy does not impede progressive initiatives by elected officials or staff that benefit our county. In addition, the Commission, who establishes the ethics policy, wants to be assured it is being implemented fairly across the board from the Mayor to the volunteer at the Unified Government.

4) Economic Development Economic development is one big way to expand our tax base and finally supply some much needed tax relief to our constituents. Wyandotte County continues to experience successful economic development across the county.
The Commission hopes to take economic development to an all new high level of success in 2014.

5) Taxes Getting tax delinquent property back on the tax roles is as important as bringing new housing and business to Wyandotte County. In 2013 a team of Commissioner’s worked to develop new policy around the current tax sale and land bank system. Discussions will continue and it is anticipated that by summer 2014 a pilot program will be in place.

6) Project review 2014 is definitely a time for review and that should include our past investments in development. We have much to celebrate but there are some projects that have not proven as financially or socially lucrative as hoped. Over the spring and summer these projects will be reviewed and the Commission hopes to utilize our professional staff to present alternative strategies for those less successful projects.

7) Public safety Fire and police station improvements remain a challenge for the Commission but we are dedicated to identifying progressive and innovative ways to improve and or construct new buildings over the next several years throughout the entire community.

8) Sidewalks Sidewalks are a big topic of discussion for this Commission. They are the connections to everything in our communities. They allow all of our constituents, regardless of economic status to access local businesses, churches, schools and each other. We need to invest sufficient resources and foster partnerships with private business, neighborhood groups and charitable organizations to improve infrastructure that can be used by each and every one of our constituents.

9) And 10) Code Enforcement and Animal Control Code enforcement and animal control are very important to the Commission. There needs to be sanctions and fines for those who do not comply. To have the public care about their property we need to reward those who are following the law by penalizing those who don’t. The Commission has spent significant time on looking at ways to be more aggressive in these areas. We are all confident that significant changes will be made to our current system to ensure the best possible results for the entire community in 2014.


Anonymous said...

Holland is a complete douchebag. If ever there was someone out of his depth it would be Holland. He will wind up being the most incompetent mayor since Joe McDowell. Typical of candidates supported by The Star.

Anonymous said...

So why did only six commissioners issue statement aren't there more than that

Anonymous said...

Mayor Holland needs to run this city like a city and not a church

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should call Modest Miles and get some tips about how you can increase a police station project cost overrun by 40%. Ot Pastor/Councilman Brooks about paying extortion money with public funds.
Lots to learn from the revs!

Anonymous said...

Another problem in the Dotte is the fact that Phillbrook can't think on her own I think Holland brain washed her at church she can't go against her pastor

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are more than six commissioners. Just like some show contempt for President Obama, the same happens on the commission towards the mayor. Instead of most commissioners being role models for citizens of their districts, they act like a gang of juvenile bullies. The voters of WYCO are paying close attention especially since the Tea Party has raised its ugly head in the county during a recent past election. Voters will seek trustworthy people who are true community leaders.

Anonymous said...

Tony if this chick was Irish you would be calling her a Ho!

Anonymous said...

If all commissioners met twice to determine there priorities, and as a result they came up with ten priority goals.Why did three commissioners not join in announcing to the citizens what those goals are,What are they hiding. Or did the fact that Holland thru a temper tantrum on January 16,2014 about announcing these goals scare them. Here's the real deal if the elected officials let the public know what they are working on they might have to actually accomplish something. I would suggest that the people call Commissioner Townsend, Mckiernan, Philbrook at 573-5040 and ask them are these your goals, did you agree they were a priority. JUST WHAT ARE YOU HIDING.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:06 less make a list
Holland's coming up on being in office for a year what has he got done one thing,during the campaign he said there was no need to do a county wide survey OF the citizens wants now the city is doing a county wide survey oh that's ok that was Murguia's Idea.
OK now what has happened in the year OF THE HOLLAND: the city is spending 8 million to buy a stadium, we are on the verge of losing the Hotel by the casino, no downtown grocery store ( not even close)Holland wants to redo the downtown state Ave area yet he puts a parole office right in the middle of it oh yea lets don't forget that he wants to spend six million tax dollars on a YMCA can't forget the all most TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR PAYMENTS MADE IN SECRET TO THE T-BONES MAN AND TO THINK WE GET THREE MORE YEARS OF THIS LUCKY US

Anonymous said...

It was Holland's turn to sit in the middle chair. He wanted that seat so badly, so now what? The I don't know, ask Mr. Hays bit does nothing but put blood in the water. Annie and her fellow shark tank members love making him look like the fool that he is.

Annie is used to getting her way. Hays is there to make sure the mafia interests are maintained. Nothing new there.

Holland couldn't run his church with government welfare, Annie can't stuff grant money in her personal bank account.

KCK is corrupt, sad and broke. Nothing new to report.

Anonymous said...

The un-Unified Crooks of Kansas City Kansas. The liars, thieves and con-artist club can't agree on how to steal our cash and property fast enough ---disgraceful. You can hear them laughing all the way from Mission Hills to 7th Street.

Hays is the expert so listen up children. Follow the rules or you'll be placed on the curb for the next election.

Anonymous said...

It would be much more impressive to see the up and coming good old gals club making headway KCK if they would stand on their own two feet.

Ann falls back on Brownback for security. Let's hope he won't be there in the future to give her appointments and perks.

Kansas politics are for the vicious and vindictive. Ann may have the advantage there. Holland is hopeless in love with the title, not the job.

Anonymous said...

The Star picked another winner, Holland. Not since Madame Mayor Carol M. has the 9th floor at City Hall seen so many temper traumas.

Mayor Carol liked to throw heavy ashtrays. I believe the dents in the drywall are still there.

Wyandotte County is a mess.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please ask McKiernan to please quit giving the thumb's up sign he looks like a dumb ass when he does that

Anonymous said...

Tony, Tony, Tony. You have fallen prey again to Ann's bad publicity scheme. If you think for a moment, like Walker, Walters, and Kane, that Ms. Brandau will smile at you with her lyin' eye or rub one of her lopsided boobies up against you for supporting her, you are sadly mistaken. Now, if you hand her a brown envelope full of benjamins, no tellin' what she might throw your way.

Anonymous said...

1) How can you profess to want more 'open' government when you meet behind closed doors away from the public?
2) Where was Annie's voice after the fire cadet class was cancelled? Oh that's right, she could care less since they didn't deliver the election as promised.
3) Annie lost, Budd was not delivered as promised, get over it.
4) You count Clarence as 'consensus'? He's only worried about how full his .25 cent tacos are at Danny's.
5) Markley finally showed her colors as the shrill, shrieking Ann-Stooge that she is. I thought her nervous school-girl outbursts of laughter were obnoxious. This new persona will be worth watching in the future.
6) Two fellow commission attorneys, a federal judge and at least two more family attorneys have not read KOMA? Wait, Brownback got away with it so it must be okay.
7) I wonder if she'll change the signage on 18th Street again to allow all those trucks that will rumble by on their way to filling the toxic waste dump that will be Wal-Mart, instead of truck load after truck load of dirt passing by the front door of her mansion.
8) Ethics reform? Next thing we know she'll want to hand pick the appointments.
9)and 10) If the brain trust is going to illegally promote TEN things, illegally promote TEN things.

Anonymous said...

2:10 you seem to be angery why are u so mad the entire commission agreed these 10 things were a priority so why is it a big deal to let the people know

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:13 aka BR, your inability to spell gives you away every time. Did you trade in all dat good pussy at the housing authority for ann?

Anonymous said...

The goals for the city were set in stone over 30 years ago. Lie, cheat and steal are the only constant standards in place. 2:10 why would they stop at only 10 illegal things? Dream big.
Ann is pissed at Petty. Petty witnessed the summer pushing match off and didn't defend Annie.
Stay turned for Ann to run for state seat held by Petty. May the best viper win.

Anonymous said...

3:13 anyone who looks at their property tax bill every damn year and those of us who pay for that bankrupt mess off 435, are angery as hell. Listening to the pathetic excuses for human beings at city hall would make a dead man angery.
Pigs wearing lipstick continue to make this cesspool what it is. A cesspool of corruption. We're damn angry with the people who benefit from keeping it a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Go T-Bones

Anonymous said...

No, Go to hell Bankrupt T-Bones.