Sunday, January 05, 2014

Angelic Candice Swanepoel Hotness And The Kansas City Snow Sunday Morning Links!!!

Candice Swanepoel offers us a look at the afterlife according to lingerie marketers and here are the Kansas City mainstream media links I'm checking this morning . . .

- This Cold Cowtown Could Kill You: First snow, then the dangerous cold for Kansas City

- Urban Core Blaze Fatality: 1 person dies in northeast KC house fire

- Show-Me A Fight Over Money And Fake Ethics: Missouri lawmakers prepare for cash quarrel

- Midwest Lakes Host Poison Fish: Kansas issues 2014 fish consumption advisories

- C.W. Gusewelle Complains About Talkies: Some movies don't move me

- Safer Flyover Country Street Life: Kansas and Missouri show improvement as traffic fatality rates decline

- Gov. Jay Says The Show-Me State Is "Ready To Compete" Amid Losing Effort: Missouri responds to Boeing building 777X in Wash.

- Sunflower State Bones Before The Big JC: Skull found in KC area may be prehistoric

- Don't Leave Kansas City Pets Outside: Pets: Great Plains SPCA – Bring pets inside during cold temperatures

- Crazy Good: St. Joseph psychiatric museum is a bit less creepy with bright new look

- Golden Ghetto Special Suits For Ice Fishing Of A Better Kind: Olathe FD trains for ice water rescues

- Losing Ladies Help Fatties Shed Pounds: Chiefs Cheerleaders offer fitness tips for 2014

As always, consider this just another OPEN THREAD for all of the cold off-topic chatter . . .

And YES!!! We Do Plan On Complaining About Snow Removal In Kansas City Proper If Things Don't Shape Up By Afternoon!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't be a complainer, grab a shovel!

Anonymous said...

There really is no Native American Protection Act. It just sounds Orwellian.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA - One Big Ass Mistake America

Anonymous said...

KC Chiefs cheerleaders are the only skinny ones left in this city.

I run slow..... said...

Maybe Chiefs cheers could teach Chiefs players how to tackle and cover. Nah, Eric Berry couldn't comprehend what they were saying.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Tony's claim to be a educated journalist isn't a farce.

Anonymous said...

Tony is a proud graduate of the same school that taught Elbryan how to scribble and Alonzo how to spell.