Saturday, January 18, 2014

Alice Goodwin And The Kansas City Saturday

Alice Goodwin starts this early morning with her lingerie hotness while we check Kansas City mainstream media weekend links. Check it:

- More Gunfire Across The State Line: Police investigate shooting in KCK neighborhood . . . 1 injured in KCK shooting

- Flyover Country Misdirection: Misidentified lights led Southwest pilots to wrong Missouri airport

- Demise Of A Cowtown Telcom: Sprint says it will reduce workforce

- Another Highway Hot Mess: Some ramps would close in MoDOT's latest plan for I-70

- City Across The Bridge: 4 Things To Know About North Kansas City

- Healthcare Industrial Complex Kick-Off: Cerner officially launches its $4.3 billion Three Trails office campus

- Cowtown Elevator Smooth Sounds: Kenny G's collaboration with Kansas City Symphony soothes, entertains

- Even More Restaurant Week Propaganda News From The CVA . . . And Restaurant Listing

- Cut List . . . Kansas City Chiefs: 5 Players That Shouldn't Be Back in 2014

- App connects foodies, grub during KC Restaurant Week . . . And gets HORRIBLE online ratings.

Once more, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and otherwise worth mentioning . . .


Pootie Tang said...

I think I know who Byron really is now.....brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Is fisting legal? Are fisting videos legal?

Byron Funkhouser said...

You have the right to defend yourself. If someone hits you FIRST, then you pretty much have permission to beat them up. I've been arrested twice for assault & battery, & both times the case was dismissed when the judges learned that the other guy had thrown the first punch.

So, tell us, oh wise one, who am I really? Don't keep it a secret.

Anonymous said...

You're the guy who wrote the shitty Restaurant Week app for KC Convention and Visitors Bureau, and who hasn't fixed it despite 3 years of bad reviews!

Anonymous said...

Sure Byron what ever we all know what a great person you are. Your a sleez bag and a POS that's what you really are you fucking asshole. You will see the inside of a jail very soon. Won't be any so called judges dismissing shit.

Anonymous said...

those dudes writing over at the chiefs page on rant sports make mellinger look like ernest hemingway

Anonymous said...

How come they named a town North Kansas City when it's next to Kansas City North? What were they thinking? Bad enough that there are two towns named Kansas City right next to each other. What is it with you people?

Pootie Tang said...

Pootie Tang receive cd collection of Byron ko'ing his wife. 14 ways to punch your wife. Pootie say, shame on Byron. 14 different ways to beat your wife. Damn Byron. Firing squad too good for you.