Thursday, December 05, 2013


Check this very nice memo that PREPARE FOR TODAY'S VOTE THAT WILL DISSOLVE THE KANSAS CITY MUSEUM ADVISORY BOARD and take (temporary) control away from George "Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy" Guastello.

Never mind that Northeast Insiders fear the Kansas City Museum is being set up the FAIL and very few think they'll be able to come up with the cash or cooperation to keep the lights on and the building in good working condition in the long run.

Anyhoo . . . Read the eloquent final words of the Kansas City Museum Advisory Board . . . Which are much better than the last utterance by Socrates who asked the immortal question: "I drank what?"

Check it: 

Dear KCMAB members.

Just a reminder that today/Thursday, a Full Council Business Session at City Hall will include discussion of the amended Union Station contract, as affects the Kansas City Museum, and presumably be up for a final vote. Meeting time is 1:00 p.m. on in the 10th Floor Committee Room at City Hall.

We were not officially asked to vote, however the majority of KCMAB members have endorsed the amended contract by a casual phone canvas. Despite certain issues, most agreed that the ordinance should proceed to protect progress. This link will get you to the ordinance information. It is Ordinance 130908.

According to City Attorney, Joe Guarino, while the changeover happens May 1, 2014, the ordinance that authorizes the amendment and that repealed the board goes into effect 10 days after passage. The effective date that the KCMAB will cease to exist would be 10 days after.

So, our last KCMAB meeting will be Monday, December 9th at the usual time 4:00p.m. at City Hall. During this last meeting I’m requesting that all KCMAB Committee Heads present a short report, ( written) which will be suitable to pass along to appropriate Parks & Rec Dept. staffers. The purpose is to provide continuity. These paragraphs should contain your vision for your committee area, related past, short or long term activities, and any other comments you may wish to share. You may be interacting with Parks staff as part of the Museum’s smooth transition.

The Kansas City Museum Staff will be meeting the morning of December 9th with Mark McHenry and the Parks Dept. HR, along with Union Station representatives. It is important that these Museum Professionals have a good understanding of how their jobs will be handled and transitioned. My understanding is that Parks will guide this employment transition.

As you are aware Kansas City Museum Foundation representatives have met twice with Mark McHenry regarding the transition, and additionally have assembled to vote on Foundation officers. For the immediate future the KCM Foundation will meet in the large ( or small) conference room of the Plaza Library, at the same regular time , the second Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. After the transition is complete or comfortably underway, meetings will most likely be held quarterly. ( location to be determined).

In conclusion, the detailed plans created for the Museum’s future, and the work of the Kansas City Museum Advisory Board represent a remarkably positive body of work. Everyone on the KCMAB contributed to a positive outcome for the Kansas City Museum. Congratulations all around. Considering some areas of dispute have continued for around twelve years, a feeling of accomplishment is justified. Thank you for your time and talents, which have made a decided difference in the future of this fine and irreplaceable historical institution.

Most generous thanks goes to our former Kansas City Museum Director, Mr. Christopher Leitch, who led all of us and the Kansas City Museum through difficult circumstances. His demonstrated direction planning and leadership is respected and admired. Many thanks to the KCMAB Committee Chairs who persevered under stressful situations and also to our Vice President Ramona Davis, who never failed to provide valuable advice and perspective we needed. Much appreciation is given to our legal counsel Joe Guarino, Bill Geary and Robin Martinez along with our three council persons, Scott Wagner, Jan Marcason and Jim Glover for their time and advice as the board negotiated choppy waters. Special thanks to Kimiko Gilmore, Jim Giles along with Susan Borge, Ericka King and all those who took and recorded notes during meetings.

Lastly a salute to Mayor Sly James for his vision and for appointing us; to City Manager Troy Schulte for insightful and frank meetings; to former KCMAB Chair, Gary Marsh for keeping the faith and to the KCMAB’s original founder, the late brave Ruth Ann Harper. Personally I hope Ruth Ann and the R.A. Long family are out somewhere on a buggy ride in the sky, toasting with a holiday eggnog.

It has been my humble pleasure to serve as your KCMAB Chair and I look forward to interacting with most of you again on the Kansas City Museum Foundation.

With best wishes for a joyous holiday season


Anonymous said...

City Hall and TPTB have been trying to get their hands on the Kansas City Museum's collection for decades. Looks like they will finally succeed.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City doesn't even maintain the streets, much les anything else.
And the notion that folks are going to come up with $20 million for a museum that most residents couldn't even find on a bet is fantasy.
The final nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

Hello, 6:31, Anyonoe home? The city OWNED the collections up until 2001 when KCM was merged w/ USKC. Decades? Know your history. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

The winner here is Union Station. Money for nothin; chicks for free.

Anonymous said...

Thank you museum board for officially killing the Kansas City Museum, The City destroys.

Anonymous said...

7:26- The City owned THE BUILDING AND GROUNDS. The Kansas City Museum, A PRIVATE INSTITUTION, OWNED the collection and OPERATED the museum.


Anonymous said...

Nice analogy Tony...The comparison between Tony Montana and George lays the perfect foundation to compare the diners in the restaurant to the spineless, self interested butt munchers that have developed the world class collection of Drag Queen Dresses for the Kansas City Museum. It will become apparent soon that these cock sucker's lack of a broad community interest will be unable to grow an attraction that will off set the wasted tax dollars benefiting their gay folly. This same group is now taking the innocent childhood memories of the Fairy Princess holiday experience and bastardizing it in to another worthless waste of community richness. My Christmas wish is for these folks to dry up and blow away or at least get a visit from Fred Phelps and family. "Say hello to my little friends"

elBryan said...

I am livid over this. We've been attempting to see the results of an audit for over a year now, and it NEVER happened.

I attended a meeting where Jan Marcason told us:

1. That she had no prior knowledge of the museum and it's history before the district lines were redrawn a few years ago, (i.e. she's totally unqualified to be making important decisions regarding the museum,) and

2. That they were in contract negotiations with Union Station, but that "In order to discuss the details of what was in the contract with the public, we have to sign it first," (she looked a lot like Nancy Pelosi when she said it, too.)

I was not AT ALL comfortable with what I was hearing, but was reassured by someone closer to the issue than myself that The Kansas City Museum was on the right track.

Now we know better, and I should have gone with my instincts, because Jan Marcason and Jim Glover are vermin that don't represent Northeast or The Museum's interests.

An audit would be irrelevant now, because any money laundering that WAS going on to keep Union Station afloat is now AUTHORIZED through this contract in over-priced, long term storage fees.

I say we should take the stuff out of storage immediately, put it all back on display in the museum, and close off one room at a time in the museum during renovation.

The KCMAB was a joke to begin with, because their job was to advise City Council on what to do with the museum, but THREE of the members were also members of City Council (They're advising themselves?!?) Now, the people who were creating P.R. nightmares for Guastello and anyone who was supportive of him are stripped of their titles and what little influence they had to begin with, and Guastello gets what he wanted all along.


The City Hall steamroller moves forward, and the only people who seem to be paying attention have all been wooed by massive over-promising, and are too young and naive to realize that they're being duped.


Anonymous said...

Glover wins!

Anonymous said...

Bryan Stalder, the Clay Chastain of the Northeast. Can we get a photo of him looking off to the horizon, with his tie flapping in the wind? Perhaps astride his bicycle?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Bryan is the only person who has the facts.

elBryan said...

I haven't made up my mind if 1:44 is Glover or Johnson.

2:28 is kind; whether I have ALL the facts is debatable, but I think most people in the neighborhood, even those that disagree with many of my opinions, know that I'm a straight talker and they can trust me to be honest with them.

That's not something Glover or Marcason can say. Or Russ Johnson for that matter.

So fire away all the anonymous snarky comments you like, councilman.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out just how much of the collection finds it's way into the homes and hands of local officals. There'll be so much shit "walking off", they'll never find it all...

Anonymous said...

The question is would the tax payers even miss it and are they willing to pay for it. Now that the question is answered raise the damn building and get back in the business of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Auction the money pitt off to the highest bidder....The city doesn't need another money losing project. The neighborhood is too scary for anyone descent to visit anyways..Make it a whore house to get the prostitutes off Independence Avenue???

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the nature of these comments - the point of the new ordinance is to get away from USKC managing the affairs of the Museum and having control over the entire mil levy. There are MANY positives to this situation and I think if people are patient, they will be revealed. Those involved in operating the Museum after May 1st, 2014 DEFINITELY have the Northeast's interests at heart, in fact, many live in the Northeast or have close ties. Don't be too hasty in your condemnation of this move - after all the years of Union Station "managing" the Museum, this is truly a victory and many steps in the right direction.