Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tech N9ne w/Actiongirls And The Kansas City Tuesday Morning Mainstream Media Links!!!

Tec N9ne remains the King of Kansas City rap music this year and I'm not sure how I missed this EPIC video and photo set with hottie models Armie Field and Marie Claude Bourbonnais still, the last day of the year is the best time to play catch-up.

Check it:

Playboy Blog: Tech N9ne and Actiongirls Bring Out the Big Guns

And now this morning's Kansas City mainstream media links we're checking:

- Kansas City Sickness Spreading: Flu season strikes early, looks to be rough . . . Big spike in reported flu cases in Kansas City

- Teaching Moment In Sleaze Summit: Lee's Summit schools crack down on interloping students

- Another Year Of Local Telcom Promises: Brace Yourself For A Faster Sprint In 2014, CEO Says

- Local Lost And Found Follow-Up: Police, MO social workers investigate after boy found wandering KC street

- Tax Teaching Moment Too: School district levies mostly hold steady

- Look At This Flyover Country UFO: Mysterious Green Meteor Shoots Across Sky in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa (VIDEO)

- Rural Golden Ghetto Physician Shortage: Johnson County town's only doctor struggles to go it alone

- Kansas City Gift Of Life Advocacy: Family mourning loss urges others to share their organ donor status

- Local Gov. On Break: City offices closed Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 - Trash collection delayed one day both weeks

- Kansas City Media Watcher Roll With Act Of Kindness: Bus crash crushes man’s bike; FOX 4 viewers step up to help

For an even better look at the clip . . .

Tech N9ne - So Dope (Feat. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow Tha Product) Official Music Video

As always, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic but still important . . .


Anonymous said...

game on

Anonymous said...

There's your Mayor's Christmas Tree right there. Bing Crosby he ain't.

Of course, Bing may have beat his kids with sacks of oranges too so who's counting.

chuck said...

Next Year, the Mayor is bringing in Cheef Keef.

Here is a quote from the great man before his last download.

“Im Finna Raise The Murder Rate Up” – Chief Keef

Chicago ganster rapper Chief Keef has set a high goal for himself. He wants his rap music to raise Chicago’s already astronomical murder rate.

Never stop trying to get better.

chuck said...

Here are some other candidates for the Mayor's Christmas Tree next year. BRING THE KIDS!!

Dr. Dre’s ode to the L.A. riots, “The Day the Niggaz Took Over,” set the tone for what a riot is truly supposed to be about: “Break the white man off something lovely / I don’t love them so they can’t love me.”

Ded Prez brags “White boy in the wrong place at the right time / Soon as the car door open he be mine / We pull up quick and point the pistol to his nose / By the look on his face he probably shit his clothes.”

“Riot,” a 2 Chainz video, has had over 3 million viewers. In it, the rapper promises “And if you fuck with us we gon’ start a riot / I’mma start a riot, I’mma start a riot.”


I know if the Mayor asked Mr. Foxx to MC the entire event, he would come.

Brookside Loves Bugguns!!! said...

Mayor should have invited the babes!

Anonymous said...

Niggers with human females. Makes you wonder why they don't frolic with their own..

Anonymous said...

I like Tech but he is now in a official rut with this whole worn out gangster crap image.

I hope he can evolve into something new and fresh but breaking out of a money making formula is tough cause you risk losing your audience.

6:28 fan said...

6:28, thats fantastic....kudos

6:28 fan said...

6:28, thats fantastic....kudos

Chuck sucks said...

Oh fuck, that was a "cut and paste" by douche bag Chuck. 6:28 retraction

Anonymous said...


Your right, Chuck does suck, lets KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!

http://topconservativenews.com/2013/12/white-couple-brutally-beaten-in-charlotte-hate-crime-mob-attack/ said...

This was yesterday, so we are off to a good start!!


Eric Holder in a Sgt. Schultz disguise. said...


Tony Libra said...

I see niggers and mudsharks.

Anonymous said...

Hiphop stereo: when you stick one nipple in each ear.