Monday, December 02, 2013


A rare opportunity to speak on Kansas City's upcoming mulch-billion dollar disaster . . . Seems like they're putting this one together fast enough to outpace any organized opposition . . .

More . . . "A leader of the advisory board considering the future of Kansas City International Airport said a Tuesday meeting isn't meant for public comment, but rather to solicit questions from the public."

Isn't that the same thing???

Here's the initial presser . . .

Have an opinion on KCI’s future?

First public hearing is 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3 at City Hall

The City of Kansas City, Mo.’s Airport Terminal Advisory Group will hold its first public hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 3 in the City Council chambers, on the 26th floor of City Hall, 414 E. 12th St. The meeting starts at 7:30 a.m., with public testimony beginning at 8 a.m.

Residents are invited to voice their opinions about potential changes to the configuration of Kansas City International Airport’s terminals. Each person speaking will have a two-minute limit.

The advisory group comprises community members from across the metro area appointed by Mayor Sly James. Members have been meeting twice a month since July to study airport issues and learn more about airport operations and the potential impact of any change.

The group expects to make a recommendation in April 2014 to Mayor James and the City Council. The City Council must approve any new plans for the terminal configuration, and the public must vote on any change requiring issuing bonds to finance the project.

There will be more opportunities for public comments during upcoming town hall meetings, to be scheduled in February and/or March.

Media inquiries may be directed to the group’s co-chairs, Bob Berkebile at 816-783-1550 or David Fowler at 816-531-7000.


Anonymous said...

There will be more opportunities for public comments

Which will be a huge ass waste of time since nobody will listen

Anonymous said...

What do Bob and David think of unsolicited bulk e-mail?

Anonymous said...

toy car, new airport know what we need next? Our very own space shuttle with pad. Think of allllll the new jobs that will magically appear on top of the others from the new car and terminal!

Costs? Who cares what the costs are, just throw a random number to the people that is less than what it will take to get them to go along with it...even if it is painful.

Anonymous said...

Next up for fundraising events....the mayor james pie eating contest.

Anonymous said...

Who's bringing the dogs and ponies?
An endless parade of meaningless meetings when all the decisions are made behind closed doors while the public is made to think they actually have some input.
Let's facilitate, dialogue, and identify stakeholders!
And watch your wallet.

Anonymous said...

This will be just another attempt by Johnson County to build a new airport in their county.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like holding a public hearing during working hours to bring out the elderly, disabled, paid to appear and plain ole crazy

Michael Smith said...

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