Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sporting KC's Jimmy Nielsen @ The Library

Sporting KC's Jimmy Nielsen offered a bit of public service while promoting his book during a recent visit to the Kansas City Public Library.

It's a nice clip that teaches us reading can help achieve our goals in addition to hundreds of millions in taxpayer subsidy and nearly superhuman longevity and athletic talent.

Don't be cynical . . . Actually, it's great to see a Kansas City celebrity stopping by the Library which I assumed was just for hobos who need a place to BM, take standing showers or stay alive during the colder months.

Take a look: 

"Sporting Kansas City Goalkeeper and Team Captain Jimmy Nielson spoke about reading and the importance of libraries during the launch of his new memoir 'Welcome to the Blue Heaven: Don't bet against the Goalkeeper' published by Ascend Books. The launch was at the Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library on June 20, 2013."

Click here to learn more about Building a Community of Readers

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tv guide said...

Tonys KC-"sports"
(cc) (Hoyle) Tonys helps Sporting KC's goalkeeper keep up the vig to his Swedish bookie; the great sandwhich debate continues.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Neilson - Class act. Other kc athletes should take a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is one of the brightest, funniest athletes we've had in this town in a while. The spot he did on church of lazlo was priceless.