Friday, December 06, 2013


Round II in this town's battle for passable City Streets . . .

To wit . . .


This presser is encouraging but but Mayor Sly's FAIL to take care of a light dusting leave a lot to be desired:

City crews prepared for light snowfall this weekend

City of Kansas City, Mo., crews assigned to arterial, primary and residential streets are prepared to respond to the light snowfall that is forecast to move through the Kansas City area overnight Saturday, Dec. 7.

For the past few days, City crews have been treating many City streets and bridges with a brine solution in an effort to prevent the anticipated snow from bonding to the street surface.

Crews will plow primary/arterial and residential routes beginning on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 7:30 a.m., treating hills, curves and intersections while plowing.

The City has approximately 6,400 lane miles of pavement in its street system. In order to keep traffic moving throughout the City during a winter weather event, the snow plan prioritizes plowing into two types of snow routes: primary/arterial routes and residential routes.

On primary and arterial routes, the City's Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Water Services departments collaborate on removing snow and ice from approximately 2,400 lane-miles of pavement and apply salt as needed. On primary and arterial streets, crews plow curb-to-curb and work around the clock.

On residential snow routes, City crews using smaller trucks work 12-hour shifts during daytime hours to provide a passable lane by plowing and applying salt on intersections, hills and curves. As possible, crews will widen the passable lane, which may still have some snow pack due to low pavement temperatures.

Please note, the Missouri Department of Transportation plows highways. Many streets in Kansas City are actually part of the highway system and plowing for them is MoDOT's responsibility. A few of these streets include: Bannister Road, Noland Road, Vivion Road, Antioch Road and part of Independence Avenue. The telephone number for MoDOT is 816-622-6500.

When snow depths exceed a couple of inches, residents are advised that parking cars off-street during snow plow operations greatly enhances the ability of snow plows to remove snow, especially in cul-de-sacs and dead end streets. Residents parking on signed Emergency Snow Routes should be prepared to find alternate parking locations to avoid vehicles being ticketed or towed.

Whenever it snows, residents wanting to report slick spots or missed streets to the City’s 311 Call Center are advised that while crews are running assigned snow routes, it is assumed that all streets are slick. Only after snow has stopped falling and all snow routes have been run does the City’s 311 Call Center accept requests for slick spots and missed streets (usually about 36 hours after snow stops falling).

Please visit to view the GPS snow plow map and other snow-related updates. To receive text and email notifications from the City, please sign up for our Nixle notification system at Residents may also sign up by texting their ZIP code to “888777.”

Media inquiries about ice and snow removal should be directed to Sean Demory, public information officer for the Public Works Department, at 816-513-0059.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that will save them is that the streets are mostly empty on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Rewritten: Snow removal will go a lot faster and a lot more efficiently without idiots on the road who don't have sense to stay home when it is showing.

Anonymous said...

"snowing" instead of "showing"

Anyway, the forecast right now, and it is very difficult to predict snowfall amounts even two days in advance, calls for two inches.

Now in Tonyspeak and Glazerspeak, 2 inches = 10 inches, so expect Tony to start peeing his pants over the impending blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Until the city gets a new city manager and public works director who gives a shit, it will be a huge clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

If CKMO can't even handle a dusting we're in more serious trouble than we thought.

Anonymous said...

Bitching is easy, 3:59. Tell me what the city should be doing better, with two inches of snow predicted, and what that will cost.

Oh, I know. Let's hire 12,000 people with flame throwers, and they can melt the snow off the streets as it lands.

Anonymous said...

Could we schedule a marathon that day?

Anonymous said...

12/6/13, 5:34 PM

Hit a nerve with some ass hole manager at the city. To answer your question, what do other cities like Gladstone, Independence, Olathe, Overland Park, ETC. do.

Anonymous said...

7:10: I can tell you why those other cities have better streets and snow removal, they all hire good qualified city administrators, assistant city administrators/managers, and directors instead of the Troy Schulte "buddy" system.

Anonymous said...

7:10, no nerve has been hit. You just mentioned a bunch of much smaller communities with thousands fewer miles of road to compare to KC. Negated your own argument.

Anonymous said...

9:53. Yes Pat, but population per mile about the same. KCMO just has shitty leadership. Glad to see you pulled your head out to get some air.

Anonymous said...

Again, the question goes unanswered.

Read the press release that Tony cut and pasted and tell me which city in the metropolitan area has a better plan, and what that plan costs.

And no, sorry to disappoint you all, but I don't work for the city. I'm a taxpayer who expects my tax dollars to be spent efficiently.

And if that means not whining over a couple of inches of snow on the street in front my house until a plow can make a pass, I won't whine.

Lordy sakes, this blog is fully of crybabies with some sort of sense of spoiled brat entitlement who expect the city to solve snow on their street immediately, then will bitch about the taxes to pay for it.