Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Check this important local life link regarding the ongoing winning of Johnson County with stats to back it up:

Research Sheds Light on the Best 'Mid-Sized' Cities in America to Move to; Overland Park 7th and Olathe 10th

Movoto, a real estate research blog, released a study on the best 'mid-sized' cities in America. According to their data crunching, Overland Park and Olathe are both in the top 10 of the best mid-sized city in America to move to based on the following factors:

-Number of homes for sale
-Cost of living
-Unemployment rate
-Median household income
-Crime rate
-School quality


That's impressive considering that they don't even have a toy train or very many gigabit Internets outlets . . .

Like it or not, the data suggest that the good life awaits in the Golden Ghetto despite so many KCMO efforts to play ketchup.


Anonymous said...

It may be the golden ghetto, but we do have a lot of jobs here that people are working in.

We also have mayors who listen to the people along with city councils. Our governments (most not all) are more interactive. Mission I could care less for and it might as well break off into Wyandotte County now. Driveway taxes? What a joke.

Also, we dont have 100 murders and counting! We dont have mobs of unattended youth running rampant through our shopping centers like wild chimps through the jungle.

Our creeks are a lot cleaner, we dont have graffiti all over the place, and it is ok to be a man and not wear skinny jeans here too.

Johnson County water district does really well. We have excellent snow removal. I dont know...the list goes on forever.

Anonymous said...

It's getting pretty bad here in Zimbabwe County that's obvious.

Anonymous said...

The city core will be a total wreck by the time James gets done with it.

OP is sound like a logical place to escape where at least you won't be constantly bombarded by crime, noise, lunatics, and corruption 24/7.

Anonymous said...

It's not as nice as it once was back in through the 80's. Too much urban culture is moving in and infesting the apartments and duplexes of the county. Go check out the apartments on 61st & Foster or 56 & K7 sometime and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

This Nazi/KKK movement has been a boon for Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Old people looking for a place to retire love that fascist bullshit.

Anonymous said... cities in America for Realtors to move to ....maybe....

Anonymous said...

They have guys like Sly James writing this bullshit. There isn't anybody moving to the Midwest in case you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

It's so quite here I can here a rat pissin' on a bale of cotton.

Anonymous said...

I would live in Mission or even Roeland Park before I would live in KCMO. Nazi and KKK? You must be kidding. If you ready anything about Kansas history, you would know better.

Anonymous said...

4:04, I agree with you. Additionally, I think it's ironic how all the JoCo haters from MO overflow the parking lots of our stores, restaurants, theaters, etc. on weekends. Take a drive through Town Center or any similar venue and MO tags outnumber JoCo tags on any given weekend. But hey, we appreciate their tax dollars.