Tuesday, December 10, 2013


MSNBC offers in-depth coverage of the unaccredited school district crisis that faces Kansas City as well: Missouri school busing causes ‘crippling’ fallout

"Exodus has financially devastated the already struggling district because the law requires transferring districts to pay for all transfer-related costs–including tuition and transportation for students who leave. Having to subsidize kids who no longer attend the local school means the district has millions of dollars less in resources for the students who remain."

Consider this essential context for the current education debate consuming Kansas City . . .


Anonymous said...

Well it seems to me you created/ignored a problem and now are having to pay for the problem. Seems fair. KCPSD is a corrupt organization and the very last thing they think about is a kid education.

Anonymous said...

As far as KCPS is concerned, irresponsible, self interest, f , political motivation, back slapping patronizing spending is what is causing financial problems at KCPS if they exist. They claim to have a balanced budget, but at the cost of the students. Follow the money. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Just think of KCPS this way:
If you owned a restaurant that served really bad food for decades and that no one wanted to patronize, you'd go to the government and try to get them to FORCE people to pay you to eat there.
And all the folks who benefitted financially from that arrangement would work very hard to keep that arrangement and the food would stay just as bad as always.
If parents who are really interested in their children's education were able to send them to the schools of their choice, KCPS would be even smaller than the 17,000 students that are in it now.
Using marches, politics, demands, and intimidation to force continued failure on young people to benefit the egos and pocketbook of adults needs to stop. And it's actually most likely too late.

Anonymous said...

We have waited decades for some leadership and it has not happened. Time to shut the district the hell down and let professionals educate children.

If that means busing them to the next city then so be it. Funny when we blamed racial inequity for lack of education we were all paying for busing. Now that the district is run by a predominantly black school board the idea of taking the students and getting them an eduction seems extreme? WTF is up with that attitude?

Anonymous said...

the district needs to pay the super more money 300,000.00 a year is not enough to really screw things up