Friday, December 20, 2013

More Kansas City Airport Jobs Without The Single-Terminal Price Tag

Newspaper and a nice Kansas City economic bump without having to build a BILLION dollar new airport: Aviation Technical Services plans to lease 607,000 square feet at the huge base and invest $57 million in the facility. It said the operation could eventually grow to 1,000 jobs.


Anonymous said...

"No city tax incentives were part of the deal..."
-- Kevin Collison, KC Star

Of course, what the lazy-ass Collison FAILS to report is that the overhaul base is City-owned, and therefore pays NO PROPERTY TAXES on land and improvements with assessed values in the MILLIONS, thereby resulting in a tax AVOIDANCE of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

Further, as a City-owned and operated facility, the City can offer the company favorable, BELOW MARKET LEASE RATES that are, in effect, subsidized by TAX DOLLARS.

These tax breaks and below market lease rates are what make it impossible for the owners of private property to compete with the City to locate businesses in the KCI corridor, thus causing blight, and necessitating more and more tax breaks- a vicious circle.

And it is exactly this type of lazy, disingenuous reporting by the Star and Collison that keeps the shell game in play. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Spot on 7:03! It's great to have these jobs but yes, let's not forget that any companies or jobs that relocate to the airport bring nothing to the schools and bring down the values of the adjacent commercial properties because the VanLohs and others only care about headlines and care not about how much of our money they spend to get them.

And yes, we no longer have competent media to dig beyond their own headlines.

Anonymous said...

Collison is just a Chamber whore who epitomizes crony capitalism.

Anonymous said...

7:32, you might be right on Collison, but you're wrong on no benefits to schools and adjacent property values. People who take these jobs often move close to the jobs, and with the Twin Creeks development that means more homes, more taxes for schools not to mention more dollars spent in Platte County. Also, this business can't exactly locate in Zona Rosa or Executive Hills, as it needs a specialty facility, thereby not affecting adjacent property owners.

Anonymous said...

The Twin Creeks development is an incented, City subsidized greenfield development that requires sewers, City services, streets, and other infrastructure in farmland when the City can't even service what it already has.

So 1:04 is just another horseshit apologist trying to use smoke and mirrors to deceive the public as to what is REALLY AGOUNG ON- massive transfer of wealth from the public sector to their private sector friends at the expense of the working schmoe's trying to get their fuckin' sewers, streets and parks fixed.

Goddamned asshole!