Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Melissa Debling and her NSFW lingerie winning inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City STILL On The Wrong Track: Street car project now has construction schedule

- Northland Scare: Bomb and Arson unit called after possible pipe bombs found in vacant home

- Big Money Kansas City Honcho Takes A Break: Ellis will step down from Swope Community Enterprises helm

- Po'Folk Documentation And Blame: Mo. auditor releases welfare report

- Kansas Anchor Consequences For Cussing: KSN anchor Justin Kraemer fired after on-air expletive

- Golden Ghetto Crazy Talk: Questions on spending surround Johnson County Mental Health Center

- More Deets On Urban Core Food Scam: Historic Northeast grocery store owners convicted of $150,000 food stamp fraud conspiracy

- Cowtown Surgery Losing: Three metro hospitals on Medicare list of worst for hip and knee replacements

- St. Joe Scary Show & Tell: 7-year-old student brings loaded gun to school

- Show-Me Deadly Stubbornness: Woman dies in Kansas after being thrown from mule

- Equine Is What's For Dinner: Horse slaughterhouse to open in Gallatin

- Lucy Local Human Interest Story: Woman buying toys for charity wins store's contest

As always, this is just another OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic but still Kansas City . . .


Anonymous said...

Is it good to tell someone that you think of them when...?

Anonymous said...

You have a boner?

Anonymous said...

I like Kraemer. Made a mistake and accepts the consequences.

Really doubt he would post sniveling dribble under anonymous on this blog.

Also shows you constitutional law geniuses that no rights are absolute, including the freedom of speach.

How much goat will 50 in food stamps getcha ? said...

Ibrahim Alanbuki, 45, and his wife, Mona Jwad, 33, who are both naturalized U.S. citizens from Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Sad that gun control doesn't even mean taking deadly weapons out of the hands of children.

Anonymous said...

I like Pop Chips.

Anonymous said...

I like horse meat

Anonymous said...

Very true 838

Anonymous said...

I thought the Mafia bought horse meat?