Monday, December 09, 2013

Lucy Pinder And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Lucy Pinder helps us bust out these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- The Jackson County Cash List: Jackson County COMBAT awards anti-violence funding to area organizations

- MUST SEE deets that we'll explore later . . . Secret Service agent deals with memories, guilt for JFK’s death

- Paying For The Playoff Race: City and county officials reach long-term funding deal for maintaining Truman Sports Complex

- Show-Me Bud Talk: Your comments requested on legalizing pot in Missouri

- No Confirmation Of This Tragic Situation: Body found matching description of missing KU student

- Show-Me State Sanctioned Killing: Missouri prepares for another execution

- Posthumous Kansas city Baseball Losing: Dan Quisenberry not picked by Hall of Fame committee

- Left Turn Charity: Kansas Speedway will match $100,000 charity award

- Golden Ghetto Computer try: Johnson County DMV to try longer hours

- Help Santa Save The Planet: Kansas City Company Pushes Holiday Light Recycling

Another OPEN THREAD for all you off-topic sexies . . .


Anonymous said...

What does Jay Swearingen think of unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

COMBAT money is a total waste. Look at the groups it is given to.

Anonymous said...

Same, can be said for Aim4Peace, More 2, and most of the rest of the NoVa anti-crime effort.
Millions are spent every year and no one is ever held accountable for any results, of which there are none.
Same old names, ways of doing things, and no results.
Nice way to make good livings for some folks.

Anonymous said...

Audit COMBAT and you will find corruption to the very core of Jaco government. Listening, Sanders? This will be your undoing.

Anonymous said...

Yet no mention of Lucy Pinder and still not a shit was given.

Anonymous said...

White boys are pussies.