Monday, December 30, 2013


Lucy Collett will always be one of our favorite Brit models if only because her ginger hotness helps us keep the fire . . . This morning her photo goodness inspires a morning collection of Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Typically Irresponsible Weekend Run-In: Man flees after striking Kansas City police car

- On MO Break For The Rich: Missouri lawmakers to contemplate tax cuts again

- Show-Me Baby Killing Delay: Missouri bill would extend waiting period for abortion

- Recognize This Clay County Crook? Deputies ask public to help identify man sought for questioning

- Golden Ghetto Stay-cation Of A Tragic Sort: Woman barricades herself inside apartment in Olathe

- Gov. Brownback Babysitting Ideas Is A Bust: Mixed response to all-day kindergarten

- New Year's For Fatties: A free program offers some a chance at reaching their 2014 fitness goals

- Kansas City Football Bright Side: Chiefs QB Chase Daniel asserts abilities as a starter in the NFL

- Dead Tree Media Good Point: Kids missing from state care deserve more attention

- Something About The Cowtown Weather . . . Joe’s Weather Blog: Blast After Blast!


A bit of an abridged week coming up but we plan to finish the year strong. Consider this the first OPEN THREAD of the day.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Welcome to your main stream media hall of mirrors!

Anonymous said...

WTF these are all links to television stations and newspaper stuff?

Anonymous said...

It's a textbook study of blogging's massive failure to topple mass media.

Papa keno said...

Will Kraus top campaign contributer was a payday loan operation out of overland park. He has no business writing legislation, or being in government for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Why are corporate lobbyists like will Kraus allowed to sit in government? He doesn't represent the people. He's a shill for our corporate masters.

Anonymous said...

Was the Qlathe woman a certain blond wife of the man who has the union thugs for friends?

Anonymous said...

What links? Nice Lucy pictures. Keep up the good work T.