Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Like A Tragic Country Song: Meth Town Man Trapped Between Two Trailers Now Dead

Click the Fox4 link for all the deets: "INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – A man died after being pinned between two tractor trailers, Independence police said Tuesday near Truman Road . . "Witnesses said the man, who was operating a tractor trailer, had gotten out of the vehicle when it began a slow roll backward toward another tractor trailer. The man allegedly tried to stop the trailer from rolling using physical force, but soon after was pinned between the two trailers."


Anonymous said...

She'll Be The Death Of Me

Got off work,
Kickin' back some beers,
Ask my girl to take it in the rear.

She flipped out,
And put it in reverse,
Now, I'm a pancake,
Dead in a hearse.

Anonymous said...

I've been from Tucson
To Tucumcari
To Hatchapi to Tonapa
I've drivin' every kinda' rig
That's ever been may-hay-aid
Drivin' the back roads
So I wouldn't get weigh'hay-aid

..and if you give me-e-ee
Weed, Whites and Wine
and show me a sign
I'll be willin' ..to be movin'

Anonymous said...

"Oh ahhm jes an ol' chunk a coal - but ahm gunna be a diamond sumday ..."

- John Anderson