Saturday, December 14, 2013

Karlie Kloss And Kansas City Saturday Links

Karlie Kloss is a lanky hottie legend in the making and this morning she inspires this long list of Kansas City mainstream media links to start the day . . .

- Crash Kansas City Aftermath And One More Story Of Old And Busted Slick Streets: Tow trucks to the rescue after dozens crash on black ice

- Show-Me Horse Equine Dinner Plans: Federal appeals court vacates ban on US horse slaughter

- Lesson In Documents: State auditor requests records from Missouri's education chief

- Sunflower State Sharing; Victims Of Violent Crimes In Kansas Will Share Compensation Award 

- Late Season Attrition Inaction: Chiefs punt returner McCluster has ankle infection

- Show-Me Healthcare Scare: Missouri School District Hit With $150,000 Bill for Obamacare

- Kansas City Growing Pains: Children's Mercy Hospital offers hope for teens with mysterious, excruciating pain

- Lucky Cowtown Contestants: Kan. couple’s big win on Wheel of Fortune gives them dream vacation with 8 grandkids

- Kansas City Wins When It Doesn't Count: Royals' positive offseason continues with addition of second baseman Omar Infante

- MO Advice: MoDOT offers winter driving tips

This is just another OPEN THREAD for the weekend for all things off-topic and most likely incorrect but still mildly entertaining ...


Anonymous said...

This place needs a Blog Rescue treatment.

Anonymous said...

Carpool with a Nazi

Anonymous said...

kc also loses when it doesnt count, because we went from joe posnanski, who i disagreed with most of the time but was a stylist and cared mostly about the right things, to sam mellinger, who cant write and has dumb things to say.

Anonymous said...

Mellinger makes Whitlock look like a Pulitzer winner