Saturday, December 07, 2013

Kansas City Royals Stay Losing To New York Yankees In Bidding War For Carlos Beltran

Fox4KC follows up more than a generation of losing continued in Kansas City: Yankees continue spending spree by signing Royals’ target Carlos Beltran

On the bright side . . . More cynical Kansas City baseball fans like TKC understand that, while embarrassing, the Royals are better off without old man Beltran.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. When the Royals signed Aoki they didn't need Beltran.

tv guide said...

Tonys KC-womens athletics
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Anonymous said...

8:34. Your right. Sure would have loved Beltram Dhing over Butler. But at $15 million for 3 years, the Yankees did KC a favor.

Aoki and Bonifacio would make a nice 1-2 in the line-up.