Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kansas City Mayor Sly Joins Missouri Black Caucus Gov. Jay Slam Over Boeing Deal

Pitch write-up over Mayor Sly Presser lamenting special session tax work: Sly James annoyed that Missouri is pulling from Low Income Housing Tax Credits for St. Louis' pursuit of Boeing project


Anonymous said...

No one gives a damn what Sly has to say anymore.

Anonymous said...

Actually a lot of people do.

Anonymous said...

Like who besides contractors getting the work for the street car?

Anonymous said...

Who's a lot of people?

Blight MeKC said...

If he was so concerned about low income housing, why did he and the council just condemn about 24 acres worth of residential housing? Sly James is a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

All the grandiose announcemnts, ribbon-cuttings, bands playing, balloon launches, and all the rest of the Sly James vaudeville show have gotten very thin.
Other than spending millions of dollars on planning and newly-created positions in the mayor's office and committing hundreds of millions as far as the eye can see, what has actually been accomplished?
Sly's great for making big pronouncements about things like education, gun laws, and state economic development legislation, none of which he has any ability whatsoever to influence in any way.
All tinsel and glitter, dogs and ponies, and carnival barking.

Anonymous said...

You anti-streetcar harpies are such a small minority and live in such a suburbanite bubble that you don't understand most people

1. don't know about the streetcar

2. don't care


3. love the idea

Sly wins, 6 anony commentors and a crying cunt that lives in PArkville and took 20 years of city handouts for her "self built" small filter business lose.

Anonymous said...

What does the white caucus have to say? Oh wait, that would be racist.