Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kansas City Insider: Catholic Shake-Up Might Impact Support For Bishop Finn!!!

A reform minded new Pope could bring bad tidings for Bishop Finn in 2014.

Here's the word:

"Bishop Robert Finn’s top protector and promoter in the Catholic hierarchy has been demoted.

Pope Frances has dumped Cardinal Justin Rigali and Cardinal Raymond Burke from the Congregation of Bishops, which picks and promotes bishops across the world.

“Rigali left St. Louis a mess – but not before promoting a certain Msgr. Robert Finn into the upper ranks of the St. Louis chancery, setting him on the road to Kansas City-St. Joseph,” writes Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Nothing has happened to Finn yet. And nothing will happen to him now. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope. This man is a mess.

Anonymous said...

"In like Finn".....Is the newest thing!

Anonymous said...

I adore Pope Francis, although I'm not even Catholic. He is Christ-like in his actions. If he took on the German bishop for his financial exploitation of the church, you can bet he will get around to Finn in KC. He will throw this modern-day money changer out of the temple. And then the donations to the Catholic Church will rise. Good for KC, good for the Church to get rid of Finn.

Richard Simmons said...

Bishop Finn looks like he is kin to George Guestello. Ah...I get it. Both must be queer.

Anonymous said...

Finn, Burke and their fellow travelers are not unlike the conservative bishops and cardinals that supported Hitler in the 30's.
Hope the Pope doesn't get poisoned before he cleans out these Opus Dei types out of the Catholic Church.
It is what Jesus would do.

Anonymous said...

Sincerely hope the new Catholic Church hierachy will recognize the cloud of disgrace Bishop Finn has brought upon our community. He is not the leader KC Catholics need and has certainly been bad for morale. He should be strongly encouraged to resign ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Another NO SHIT moment brought to you by the Cathlick Church.
St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith: Archdiocese has been uncooperative with investigations

"St. Paul Police Chief Tom Smith says that, despite the claims of church officials, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has not fully cooperated with sexual abuse investigations.

In one instance, Smith told reporters today, the archdiocese rebuffed his request to speak directly to the Rev. Kevin McDonough, a former Minnesota Senate chaplain who investigated claims against his fellow priests."

Anonymous said...

Another NO SHIT moment brought to you by the Cathlick Church.

Archbishop John Nienstedt steps aside amid allegation he touched boy's buttocks [UPDATE]

"Two days after he issued a wishy-washy public apology about the Twin Cities Catholic church's still-unfolding sex scandal, Archibishop John Nienstedt himself is facing an allegation he inappropriately touched a boy.

SEE ALSO: Archbishop John Nienstedt reportedly under criminal investigation

In a letter released today, Nienstedt announced he's under investigation for allegedly touching a boy's buttocks during a photo shoot in 2009, but denied there's any merit to the allegation. Nonetheless, he said he'll step aside from public ministry, effective immediately, until there's a resolution."

Anonymous said...

2:08, can you explain to me why the cops would need the permission of the archdiocese to speak directly to a priest during the course of a criminal investigation?

And exactly how the archdiocese could prevent that from happening? By simply saying no? Then the cops quit trying?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 6:44, they do quit trying.
Law enforcement has always had a "wink-wink", "nod-nod" relationship with the Catholic Church about this stuff. The Church is very rich and powerful and has tentacles into every aspect of local politics. Their influence is everywhere. After a decade or so of these sex abuse stories and the gory details, nothing surprises me.
Are you naive enough to think that law enforcement can't make things "go away"?

Anonymous said...

Uh huh. And the best way to make things "go away" is for the Chief of Police to hold a press conference complaining that he can't get permission to talk to people his cops need to talk to.

That's a strange way for the cops to be in cahoots with the archdiocese.

As for this powerful institution whose tentacles reach everywhere, how many billions of dollars has the Catholic Church in the U.S. paid out in sex abuse verdicts and settlements?

Doesn't sound very powerful to me.

Anonymous said...

If they can afford to pay billions and still be in business, that should tell you how much money and power that they have. They don't seem to be hurting for money, do they?
Even with a press conference, don't hold your breath that any of them will talk to the cops. And when can any other suspect decide to tell the cops to go fuck off? They can't.

The threat that you are going to burn in hell for messing with a priest or bishop is still an effective threat to Catholics.

Anonymous said...

It tells me they have insurance. If they had the all-controlling power you think, they wouldn't need insurance and they'd still have their money.

As far as suspects telling cops to fuck off, I guess your not familiar with the Fifth Amendment.

Anonymous said...

>>>As far as suspects telling cops to fuck off, I guess your not familiar with the Fifth Amendment.<<<

Yes, this is how we distinguish the suspects from the victims. At this point all the hierarchy are suspects and they know it.

They are telling the entire world to fuck off. It will end with lots of the collared perverts and their pervert hiders pals doing hard time PMITAFP.

At this holy time of the year they'd like to remind their fellow cult members to donate all they can so they can hire the best criminal defense and bankruptcy lawyers available. Funds are low and the stakes are high.