Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kansas City Guide To New Year's Resolutions

Metaphor Media is an upstart video production group that has the inside line on all things creative and KICK-ASS happening in Midtown Kansas City. MM leader William Peck is the leader of this local video production effort and lately he has been posting some pretty great missives on Youtube.

Today he hits paydirt with a guide to New Year's resolutions . . .

Check it:

This is sage advice with realistic expectations of a time of year that will only result in a couple weeks of gym crowding and then a return to the status quo.

Money line: "We should make resolutions that require no physical action and no behavioral change whatsoever."

The examples are pretty great and probably offer a more realistic view of mankind that's typically forgotten in the last two weeks of the year.

Metaphor Media: New Year's Resolutions for Baptists and Crack Smokers

More in a bit . . .


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Anonymous said...

It may not be inspiring advice but it's practical.

Anonymous said...

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