Thursday, December 05, 2013

Kansas City 'Chocolate Me!' Connection

A really KICK-ASS KCUR review and profile of a STELLAR local artist: "Kansas City author and illustrator, Shane Evans, will be at two events this weekend showcasing his new children's book and film, Chocolate Me!."

Chocolate Me! is a collaboration with actor and model, Taye Diggs, known for his roles in the original Broadway production of Rent and the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back."


Anonymous said...

Kinda like the New Orleans Mayor and his call for a "New chocolate city"?? KC (CK) is already there!

Anonymous said...

....we now return to the never-ending story of victimization, slavery, and reparations owed....Chocolate Me!

Currently working on my next book...Vanilla People Keep Me Down!

Anonymous said...

wow, how do you write a book called Chocolate Me when you married a white girl? who gives a damn about taye sellout