Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kansas City Aim4Peace Program Cashes Part Of Their Million Dollar Grant In Time For X-Mas

NBC Action News reports Aim4Peace cashing their check before X-mas thanks to a MILLION DOLLAR DOJ grant: Anti-violence group gets federal grant


Anonymous said...

Maybe money could be better spent by using it to put more policemen on the street.

Anonymous said...

Another "Dollars for Niggers" program, spending your tax money on what???

Anonymous said...

It would be much more efficient and every bit as effective to simply take $1 million and throw it off the Broadway Bridge into the Misouri River.
The number of homicides hasn't changed at all since the city started spending money on this program years ago and keep in mind that the population of the east side has decreased and is getting smaller every year, so the ratio of murders to residents is actually getting WORSE.
Elected and appointed officials don't care about crime and murders, the police can't so what they need to do because they know they'll be attacked by the usual suspects and thrown under the bus by the cowards they work for, and there's no serious leadership on the east side to encourage and support residents to work with the cops.
So let's do the same thing the same way with the same people again next year and see if we can get a different result.
How are he streetcar, a new 1000 room hotel and the Republican Convention coming? That's where all the attention is at 12th and Oak.

Anonymous said...

Air for White Man Money.

They reached their real goal.

Air for Money does not one..REPEAT not one damn thing to stem black crime.

Poor Alonzo wants on the white money gravy train but the other black reindeer won't let him join in.

This waste of tax money would be comedic if it was not so fuggin tragically pathetic.

Applauds to Obama's (held in contempt by congress) lying attorney general Eric "blacks can do no wrong" Holder.

When does Amnerica pull its head out of its ass???

Anonymous said...

How many white, asian, or hispanic workers does Aim for Peace employ? And what about women or GLAADies?

Anonymous said...

Oh great, Tracey's boys will get to eat buffets of taxpayer funded food another year. Tracey was a big Waynette. She survived because Cauthen totally protected her. Now she still shows zero results after all these years and millions of wasted dollars. But the felons she employs to do nothing get paid and get fed.
Aim 4 Peace and the program director are total frauds.

Anonymous said...

It's just a bribe and they are wrong to think these guys are out of the game. No one's talking because they put out no one should talk. They bring their street ways with them and not by saying it ain't the way.