Friday, December 13, 2013

Jodie Gasson And The Kansas City Friday News Link Rinse Off!!!

Jodie Gasson and her showering hotness inspires us to clean up these Kansas City mainstream media links:

- So Much For 'Reform & Repair" Tax Increase Results: Man says KCMO Water Dept. too slow to fix leak

- Golden Ghetto Getting Along With Prez Obama After All: Yoder votes in favor of budget agreement

- Sunflower State Spy Tech Is A Growth Industry: Kansas expected to be major player in the rising drone industry

- Local Drive Time: KC Assembly Plant plays huge role in Ford's 2014 growth plan

- Show-Me Expensive Anti-Gun Fear: Missouri Allocated $10M for Mental Health After Newtown

- Pitch Plays Policy Wonk And Talks Pre-File Legislation That Won't See The Light Of Day: Will Kraus, state senator from Lee's Summit, has a weird new bill that will politically muffle teachers

- Kansas City Pooch Story Of Survival: Dog hit by car now uses wheelchair

- One More LGBT Publishing Venture Coming To Town: Vital Voice magazine expanding to Kansas City

- Dog And Pony Show Continues: The KCI Terminal Advisory Group will hear from the public again on Tuesday

- Classy Kansas City Booze Competes Only In The Minds Of Cowtowners: Boulevard Sale Shows American Beer Makers Have Turned The Tables On Europe

Update . . . Wichita Terror Threat That Wasn't: Kan. man accused of planning to detonate car bomb at airport

And of course, this post welcomes all kinds of OFF-TOPIC stupid . . .


Anonymous said...

Enough of the chick pics huh junior?

Isn't one a day enough?

Anonymous said...

Will someone send a ho over to Tony's house?

Tell her it's a mercy mission


Anonymous said...

I think Tony needs to get out of the house. Go chase some chicks this weekend and get the hormones out of his system.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin homos

Anonymous said...

The chic pix have been exceptional this week. Thank you Tony.. thank you!

Anonymous said...

What I think we need to know is who does Womacks taxes so we all avoid that place.

Anonymous said...

Duvel Moortga doesn't make a pimple on a good European beers arse. However, they do sell beer in the USA, just not enough. My money says they are looking or a bigger chunk of the USA market as Boulevard would not make a pimple on a good European beer's arse. I have sat in way too many bars from Paris to Antwerpen to Eindhoven while living in Europe and although American beer is a novelty thing, no one in Europe sees North American beer as a threat to European Pils. Maybe when we have been turning out beer for 4000 years we will get it right. Until them our beer is just mule piss next to a draw of a great Dutch beer.

Buster Hymen said...

I prefer Horsepiss with the foam farted off.