Friday, December 13, 2013

Holly Peers And The Kansas City Link Look

Holly Peers adorns this Friday night glimpse at Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Northland Crooks Walk Away Mostly Empty Handed: Thieves steal movie theatre’s ATM, make off with just a little cash

- KC man sentenced for 1997 robbery solved through DNA

- Show-Me Second Guessing: Kraus withdraws bill, says he never meant to keep teachers out of politics

- Kangaroo Obession: Former UMKC student accused of stalking instructor

- KMBC Standing Up For MO State Sen. Holsman And His Idea Of Pepper Spray For Teachers

- A Problem "Native" To The Golden Ghetto: Burglars target specific ethnic groups in Johnson County

- One of my faves and we even have some old-timey nice pix of the pair . . . Local Listen: Victor And Penny

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Anonymous said...

I got attacked by an 8th grader. He got probation until he was 18. Pepper spray wouldn't have helped as much as books.

Bob Ducca said...

That nursing student sounds fucking insane. Was pretty creative with some of those threats, which you like to see.