Thursday, December 12, 2013

Emily Shaw And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Emily Shaw starts our Kansas City mainstream media link look tonight . . .

- Reax To Equine Flash Mob Of Sorts: Man launches petition to ban horse-drawn carriages from Country Club Plaza

- Cash That Won't Be Going To Education: Mega Millions changes bring fatter jackpots

- Medical Industrial Complex Bites Bigger: Dog bite victim shocked by medical bill

- Golden Ghetto Misdeeds: Overland Park man accused of DUI and speeding with small child in car

- Show-Me Excuses: McCaskill reacts to 'ethical lapse'

- Cross-Pollination Charges: Two Chinese scientists allegedly stole seeds from Kansas lab

- Blue X-Mas: Fewer donations leave charities giftless

- Cowtown Tech Giving: Text ‘Santa’ to make this year’s Christmas for a Kansas City teen

- $190K For Local Creatives: NEA grants going to KC arts groups

- Plans For The Weekend: The Weekend To-Do List: December 13-15, 2013

One again, this is the OPEN THREAD for all kind of off-topic nitpicking . . .


Anonymous said...

I sought REDEMPTION in SHANKing miss SHAW.
It made for a good film.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Rhodes needs to pack his ass back yup to Iowa and live with the pig farmers and like Byron stay the fuck out of our buisness. I know Bobby and he takes damn good care of those horses.

Anonymous said...

I met him last December, sold him a truck.he and his son seemed like real professionals.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Kath really does excellent work. Very smart of that whistleblower to go to him, if that's the what happened in this case.