Monday, December 16, 2013

Defending Kansas City Boulevard Brewery And The Big Cowtown Belgian Sellout

NPR examines negative reax to recent cowtown beer success and the inevitable envy, bad tidings and hateration that followed their corporate takeover . . . When Craft Beer Goes Global: A Kansas City Brewery's Tale


Anonymous said...

Biulevard beer will never go global as anything more than a novelty act. It will likely finds it's sales Stateside just like many of Duvel's other beers.

Superdave said...

This whole micro brewery fad I say will put itself out of business. Will I think what Blvd did was smart in the end I don't think it will be a huge added success for the company as a whole. The Belgian's will take the Blvd recipe to Belgian and make it over there and do the same with their recipe here and place there brew on the local shelves and more. But everyone and their Aunt is getting into the micro brewery game all offering up their so called special brews. As one who know several home brewers they all say it's for the most part made with grains and only so much you can do with it. I will admit to not being much of a beer drinker but in good faith will sample local beers with friends. For the most part too many seem to taste just like the last persons stuff did that is brewing some across the street. While I am all for to each their own, it seems that when ever someone does something different too many others dive in as well and ruin the whole uniqueness of it all.