Monday, December 02, 2013

Dani Mathers And Kansas City Monday Links

Dani Mathers and her bikini hotness inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Internet Biz: State of startups in KC

- Show-Me Jet Pack Talk: Here’s what you need to know about the Boeing 777X race

- Lesson In Driver's Safety: Driver suffers injuries in KC school bus crash

- Show-Me Hunger Games: Missouri food stamp rolls drop

- Downtown Eco-Devo: Commerce Tower redevelopment picks contractor, architect

- Kansas Hospital Nasty: Former Kansas hospital worker to be sentenced in hepatitis case

- Avoiding Local Ford Tough Biz Consequences: KC Ford plant escapes recall hell

- No Kansas Family Values: Police: Woman's cousin among men who robbed her

- Show-Me Better Farming: Organic Crop Acreage Up Dramatically In Missouri

- Help To Look For This Local Lady: KCPD asking for help to find missing woman

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and otherwise silly . . .


Anonymous said...

Look what Hearne said about you today.

That’s a pretty big journalistic no-no for a for-profit media like the Pitch which is owned and operated by large corporation. After all, the Pitch takes in hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenues, it’s not like Tonys Kansas City, sweating it out from dawn to dusk merely for the ego trip.

Anonymous said...

it’s not like Tonys Kansas City, sweating it out from dawn to dusk merely for the ego trip.


Marvin Pontiac said...

And yet you wouldn't miss a minute of it! Oh the immense self loathing you must feel!

Anonymous said...

Hearne just bullshits people around over there.

Boring as shit most of the time.

Anonymous said...

From the Happy Cyber Monday Dept.

Amazon's war on sales taxes whimpers to an end

Although largely abandoned the battlefield in its long war against state sales taxes last year, the Supreme Court on Monday delivered the final articles of surrender. The court turned down the big retailer's appeal.

Agrippa said...

That's the kind of off-topic stuff that I like. Backhanded compliment to Tony. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

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