Thursday, December 19, 2013


TKC Note: Our pal Craig Glazer offers his takes on recent Kansas City Chiefs Football success and makes all the right calls for the upcoming weekend. Check it:

Holiday Comedy Weekend

It’s always nice to have a Kansas City comedian come back home over the holidays to entertain. James Johann has been doing a December holiday week every year for the past five years at Stanfords at the Legends. Johann is one of the more popular comics that play the club annually. With his trademark ballcap and looking like Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffith show, he has become a dominant force throughout the Mid-West and South with his blue collar sense of humor.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a decade ago that James was picked to be one of the original Blue Collar Comedy stars. Johann, who is from Paola, in Miami County Kansas was already a staple at the Stanford’s Comedy Club in Westport. James had opened for both Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White several times in Kansas City. Johann was invited to be one of the five Blue Collar stars to begin the tour back at Universal Studios in the year 2000. James went up first before Bill, Jeff, Larry and Ron. Johann was chosen to splinter off with Larry to do a two year tour of big theaters across the country, including Kemper Arena right here in Kansas City (this was pre-Sprint Center) where he and Larry performed in front of 12,000.

James went on to have his own TV shows on CMT and become a regular on Craig Ferguson and he does stand up all over the country and beyond. He is the ‘rural genius’ on radio nationwide. He appears with his co-stars Dale Hilton (known for his regular appearances at the Side Hack Saloon at Sturgis during Bike Week) and ‘Tons of Fun’ Ross McGinnis. Catch all three Friday and Saturday at either 7:45 pm or 9:45 pm each night or on Sunday at 7 pm.

Steve Hirst, from the UK, has become a popular television star on the BBC. Hirst is a regular on their version of ‘Mad TV’. Hirst came to prominence internationally five years ago when he got in a bar fight in London, Steve claims it was self-defense, but one of his blows ended the life of his assailant. Though the authorities called it accidental, Steve still had to do a year in prison. Hirst used this incident later in his comedy routines, much like Jim Jeffries used the incident where he was assaulted on stage in Australia. Catch this former football hooligan turned into a hilarious comedian this weekend. Steve will appear Friday and Saturday at Stanford’s on Broadway located at 3700 Broadway right next to the Uptown Theater at 7:30 pm and 10 pm each night.

For tickets to either club call (913)400-7500 or go online at

Football Picks

I stated a few days ago that the Chiefs were as high as number three in the Power Rankings. I was wrong. I found a site where they were ranked as high as number two, trailing only Seattle. Of course, I was called every name in the book when people went on ESPN and found them listed as number six, thus I became a liar. There are over fifty different accredited Power Rankings and you can go on Google and type ‘NFL Power Rankings’, ‘Chiefs highest power rankings 2013’ or a million other variations and find power rankings more (or less) to your liking. You find one you like and stick with it.

Power Rankings don’t matter much. What does matter is winning or losing in the post season. The Chiefs are the hottest team in the AFC with two straight high scoring victories. No other AFC playoff team has won two in a row this past couple of weeks other than the Chiefs. As of today, almost everyone ranks the Chiefs number two in the AFC behind Denver. The Chiefs will defeat the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Arrowhead. Unfortunately, Denver will also defeat Houston on the road. The big bowl games are still a couple weeks away, so this week it will be slim pickings with just NFL games again.


Chiefs (-1/2) over Colts teased with Denver (-4) over Houston
Seattle (-4) over Arizona teased Detroit (-3) over New York
San Francisco (-7) over Atlanta tease with Denver (-4) over Houston
We were 3 and 1 last week and now stand at 53 wins and 32 losses. We’ve pretty much caught up with last year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Follow me on Twitter @KCKingofSting


Anonymous said...

Agree on the Chiefs. They've got an easy road to the playoffs if they can hang on.

Anonymous said...

Guy above the Chiefs are already IN the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Glazer there is a photo and story on your boy Steve Hirst in the Pre-View, KC Star today. Looks like a crazy bastard.

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of babble from The comedy club COW CUNT !

Anonymous said...

Chiefs lose playoffs FIRST round. Bet on that.

Anonymous said...

Craig great year on picks. Next year I am betting with you. Happy New Years.

Anonymous said...

Ah its the holidays haters, what nothing to hate on Glaze for? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Amy Shumer, Bill Cosby,Jim Jefferies, Ron White..

all coming soon to the Midland

for those wanting to see a comic they've actually heard of.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the picks?? The dildo isn't even at 50%!!!

the Greek said...

Kansas City is turning into a bottomless shithole. Now we have to listen to a almost daily dribble from a scumbag, pedophile like Glazer. Do you really think Glazer
is smart enough to pick a "winner"?

Anonymous said...

Just in time for Christmas!!

a special gift for that special someone


"Pledge $5,000 or more -
0 backers
Steve Kramer will animate you in the film! You'll have an identifiable speaking role! ---------- Blu-ray/DVD combo copy of the film signed by filmmakers, T shirt" !!

Anonymous said...

Glazer you are a proven liar. Thats why they call you one!

Anonymous said...

What has he lied about, don't get it?

Steve Kramer said...

I know nobody has heard of Tom Arnold, Louie Anderson, Carlos Mencia, TJ Miller all nobodies. Hey hater all those comics at the Midland all of them all of them were at Stanfords and some several times..Ron White, Jefferies, are an idiot.

David Freeland said...

Good one Steve, I saw Jefferies twice at Legends.

Anonymous said...

Glaze no matter what you do, the haters will hate. You can't reason with losers like those, you just can't. The only liars are those few haters. Here they name four comics you introduced to Kansas City. It shows how silly their comments are, of course when you get on top big time you move to theaters if you can.

I saw Mencia at the Midland in 08 or 07. They forgot to mention Lampanelli. I saw her at your club twice and then she was at the Uptown. That's how that game works. Thanks for bringing them all here. Happy Holidays

Rice said...

Craig I have told you twice now who the main hate writers are. Tom Bowman picked me up at Ranch Mart and was drunk, as always, he went on and on about you, your book,Davis, Thomas. Bowman, the Patrol, remember. He is one of the writers. He sits home drunk nightly and does this stuff. Dan Malarky is one too. Bubba who I used to be friends with is another. He is the dealer, you got that right. His old lady dumped him for another dealer, he's alone and high every day.

Hey if old Ron was alive they'd hate on him too. Between them you got the 'group.' They are all guys who never did anything in life, nothing. Bowman has money cause his dad died and left him big bucks. He just drinks.

Dan said...

Rice what makes you any better, loser. You kissed Craig and Jeffs ass. They still fired you after all those years. I'm sober now, are you? I don't know the Bowman guy.

Dan said...

Rice Bubba turned rat a few years back. He tried setting me up too. I got nothing against Glazer. I don't.

Team Craig said...

You guys just look silly hating on Craig. Check his record this year, he was the only guy who was honest about the Chiefs.

Mike Epstien said...

I don't go to comedy much, but I did see a comic at the Village West named Rob Riggle. On stage he said you guys gave him his start in Westport. Last Sunday he was on the morning football program. I have seen him in a few movies too like the Vegas thing that was big, Hangover. You guys have big names all the time. I tried to see Mick Foley but coudn't make it. My parents saw Lewis Black out there. Where do these guys come off with that junk? Where?

Anonymous said...

5:52 Yeah I'm afraid Glazer has you there. All of them but Bill Cosby started in KC with Stanfords. Jim was on Dare this morning talking about it and he likes Craig.

Dan said...

Rice the Bubba's old lady turned hooker for dope money after she left the big fat ass, she banged Dennis and Matt for dope. For real. She ain't even hot.The old bag.

Rice said...

Dan I was at Stanfords when Bubba and his two friends were outside the place badmouthing Craig. Craig went out to get it on with fat Bubba and Bubba ran like a little girl. I was there. Like 95 or maybe latter. Are you still painting houses? You still live on the Plaza?

Anonymous said...

Glazer you didn't become a liar when people saw the Chiefs' listing on ESPN. You've been a big-mouthed liar for decades.

Anonymous said...

oooh--TKC still has that disgusting pic of some d-bag , wearing a brillo pad and a 1998 goober goatee - standing in front of the American flag-- like some Army combat veteran hero..

- who the f is that douche..and why is that pic still up?

Anonymous said...

another shytty weekend weather --
freezing rain to be covered by a 7" snow


Anonymous said...

anyone notice he listd no college games? what a joke

Anonymous said...

Harley says:
all comics started somewhere.
All recording artists started
glazes place happened to be one
of the many many places that
todays big comics played.
I saw jerry Seinfeld in a small
club in st. Louis before anyone
knew he was.
Saw van halen play a high
school before anyone knewwho
they were.
All artistsstart somewhere..and
glaze can say hehadall these
artists before they got big
but so did hundreds of comedy
clubs in the nation.
His club is one of thousands
that featured young talent...
I saw many acts in kc in different places before they
became famous...yet I don't hear
every club in the nation screaming
Glaze didn't start their career.
He's a businessman...he had some
agent call or talked with who
that's it. So this constant
hate mongering by those who
say glazes place isn't some big
time club is stupid.
Obviously glaze can't afford
bill cosby or ron he's
a stepping stone for young talent.
But his story gets old and stale.
Move on glaze...these people don't
get that you're not the midland
or sprint center ...youll get
people on their way up...that's
your talentyou can afford.
and maybe some will remember you...but I watch all the
comedy shows and comics talk about
millions of clubs they played
that weresmall when they started
glaze took a shot on them..because he can't afford
the upper tier talent...and
he's done well doing that.
He survived the crash...has been
able to keep his club going...
has made money in a very very
tough environment (and despite those low life weathermen scaring
people off)...
give some credit tothis man.
Stop the b.s. and glaze this
"istarted this guys career" is
not kind of iffy.
If you don't play with the haters glaze they willgoaway.
We know the story...move on to
something different...the haters
won't know whattodo if you change
the story line!!!!!
as for those names ofpeople who
comment on here...that's inappropriate...infact it might
be legal hassles for the person
who poasted those names.
I recognize some of those names..
one grew up down the street from
me...great guy/athlete.
I hope he's not posting this stuff...he's got a great family
and dad. seems out of character.
your friend

CG said...

Some good points Harley. However when I say started we did build many careers of people that didn't even have agents like Larry the Cable Guy, but in a way you are right,everyone starts somewhere. As far as can't afford comment..when they get THEATER OR ARENA big they don't want to do a club, its now beneath them more so than the money...we pay big bucks to Tom Arnold and TJ and Mencia but in a way your right guys on the tube weekly with a hit show or movies do get much larger paydays at theaters...they seat many more than a club its just math..

As for the haters...I don't respond as much anymore. Louie had a nice piece in the Star and talked about his days at Westport got all this going.

Happy Holidays