Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Classic Kate Moss And Kansas City Links!!!

Kate Moss endures for over a quarter of a century and she kicks-off the new year in Playboy and midweek Kansas City mainstream media links.

- Kansas City Complains By The Gigabit: Google Fiber box installed in the middle of sidewalk

- Northeast Kansas City History: Armour Paragon of early KC society

- Kansas City Dead Man Memories: Man remembered as eccentric inventor with unusual backyard

- Arrowhead Parking Lot Tragedy: Loved ones mourn Kyle Van Winkle

- - Northeast News Calls On Mayor Sly To Apologize For Tech N9ne Guest Appearance: We think the mayor owes the city an apology for his abhorrent choice in this case and needs to pay for this fine example of family values from his campaign funds.

- Designer Of The Downtown Double Down Other Than Mayor And Council: Cordish picks architect, engineer for One Light apartment tower

- Possibly A Kansas City Serial Rapist: A man charged in two rape cases may have more victims

- Golden Ghetto Disease: OP man diagnosed with scabies

- Think Tank Complains About Too Many Sunflower State Secrets: Kansas earns ‘F’ for judicial financial disclosure

- Dead Tree Media Car Story: Devoted GM fan gets the ride of a lifetime at Fairfax plant

- Local Soccer Concentration: After "big year" in Kansas City, Sporting KC maintaining business-like approach for MLS Cup

- Show-Me Second Try From Second Term Prez: Obama Offers Second Chance For Missouri Court Nominee

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Anonymous said...

How does one find a woman who is polyamorous?

Anonymous said...

They are all over the place. Try "" under female escorts or masseuse.
It will cost you, of course, but not as much as hooking up with some chick that wants you to take her to dinner or marry her.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor can get away with any stupid choice he makes and do so with taxpayer money. Why? Because he is a ............................wait for it.....nigger!!

Happens every time and in even higher offices.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Zoo orangutans playing with iPads

By DeAnn Smith

Anonymous said...

Joco people sure take good care of their old folk.

Anonymous said...

God bless Kate Moss and God bless Tony's Kansas City!