Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Charlotte Springer And Celebrating The Kansas City Wednesday Morning Link Pool!!!

Charlotte Springer and her NSFW bikini babe hotness brings us to the midweek and a look at some of the most important Kansas City mainstream media links the morning.

Check it:

- KANSAS CITY BURNS AMID OLD AND BUSTED INFRASTRUCTURE: Water issues reported at Midtown KC house fire Firefighters battle 2-alarm fire on city's east side . . . Crews battle house fire near Kansas City Art Institute

- Feel Free To Drink In Olathe Nasty: Cities, companies confident that a sewage leak did no harm to local water

- Kansas City Eco-Devo Compilation: Kansas City Business Development: A Year In Review

- More Of Your Friends And Neighbors Settling For Part-Time Work: Missouri Jobless Rate Lower Than National Average

- Show-Me Northeast News Against Missouri Education Commish Nicastro: Resign and don’t let the door hit ya…

- Meth Town Mystery: Woman's death leaves friends, family with few answers

- Show-Me Big Booze Biz: Craft beer had $612 million economic impact in Missouri in 2012

- Kansas City Kansan Publisher Nick Sloan NAILS IT In His Latest Sports Column: Time for Kansas, Wichita State to square off in men's hoops

- Red State Still Wasting Time Trying To Get Around The Supremacy Clause: Missouri bill would nullify all federal gun laws, 'past, present or future'

- Kansas City Po-Po Say Ho, Ho, Ho: Cops wrap an abundance of gifts for those in need

- Good God Not Another Jazz Story: Jazz Beat: Steve Cardenas, at Take Five and at the Blue Room

- Cowtown Doggie Reminder: Kansas City Animal License Reminder

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Anonymous said...

So Missouri wants to outlaw federal law. Like Kansas did.

Any of you people notice the entire country laughing at you?

Missouri and Kansas, battling to the death for the right to be known as the most backward white-trash state in the whole freaking country. What a concept.

Byron Funkhouser said...

And poor Kansas City, right in the middle.