Monday, December 23, 2013


Kansas City elite gave themselves an early X-mas present this year in the form of a toy train streetcar won in a rigged election.

Even worse . . . The Kansas City Toy Train streetcar is the gift that keeps on giving in the form of more revenue taken out of local coffers in support of a shaky local biz scheme.

Two great examples of Kansas City On The Wrong Track . . .

New York Times Foreshadows Kansas City's Future: Cincinnati Streetcar Plan Pits Desire for Growth Against Fiscal Restraint

Show-Me Blog Gets Artsy With This Scrooge Reference: Kansas City’s Ghost Of Streetcars Yet To Come

The X-mas references are nice but kind of sad given that it reminds me there's no Santa given that Kansas City taxpayers are really the only people constantly delivering treats for developers.


Anonymous said...

This is going to end up being a very expensive fad.

Anonymous said...

@4:03 is right on the MONEY. A VERY expensive fad when the city commits hundreds of millions of dollars which will take decades to pay the debt so that a few elected folks can make believe they're riding the latest wave created by the urban futurist consulting class.
Kind of like taking on $200 million worth of debt on the bet that bellbottom pants or disco balls will be around forever.
All aboard!

Anonymous said...

the streetcar will save ck just u watch tony

Anonymous said...

And the streetcar won't even take you to either the new BILLION dollar airport or the stadiums (that we taxpayers pay for)

elBryan said...

We have an opportunity to limit the streetcar to downtown, but capitalize on it's hype to make actual transit improvements to the Metro. I would hope that a defeat at the ballot box despite their best efforts to gerrymander another TDD, coupled with a new City Council, could bring sensibility back to City Hall before we're mired in bond obligations and boutique transit that we'll be paying for LONG after the citizens lose interest in it.

I promise you that the only reason cities continue to add extensions is because they have to provide numbers that indicate ridership increases to justify the project. A two mile streetcar will exceed expectations initially, but if we prevent extensions, you'll see those numbers drop significantly after a few years, and that throw's a wrench in the streetcar propaganda that these salesmen pitch to one city after another. They will do anything possible to prevent that from happening, so we need an informed and active electorate. Kansas City; 10% turnout is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the photo of the construction on the NY Times web site.
If that happens here all businesses located on the line will be out of business if access is blocked like that for 2 months, the time it takes to lay the track per section.

Anonymous said...

Haha. MO Supreme Court just denied carpetbagger and non resident sue burke (and her shadow $ backers) to take up the bulkshit anti democracy frivolous boondoggle lawsuit they pressed.

Suck it internet lawyers. KC is finally going to have rail transit and you fuckin whiners in the anti everything league can crawl back to your beige culdeaacs and find something else to wrong you soft ass hands about.

Suburban morons.

U.P. said...

Choo Choo, I hear the "Toy Train-a-commin. Hopefully it will run over that bottom feeding el Bryan on it's first run.