Sunday, December 08, 2013

Candice And The Kansas City Sunday Links

Candice Swanepoel and her Victoria's Secret inspiration starts this Sunday Kansas City mainstream media news link compilation.

Check it:

- Naming The Dead In Kansas City: Police identify gun shot victim found dead in doorway

- More Reporting On Fire Aftermath Across The State Line: KCK firefighters battle five blazes overnight, several residents displaced . . . At least 3 displaced by apartment fire in KCK

- Steve Rose Vs. Prez Obama's HHS Sec From Kansas: Kathleen Sebelius, you are not doing a heck of a job

- Sunflower State Prison Industrial Complex Battle: 'Hard 50' cases back before Kansas Supreme Court

- One More Local Institution Unaccredited: Report says Jackson County Children's Division won't be reaccredited until inadequacies are resolved


- Tigers Declawed . . . New York Times: Auburn Runs Over Missouri, Finishing U-Turn to SEC Title

- Teach Moment Tribute: Local kids make holiday care packages for soldiers overseas

- Kansas City Cold Weather Consequences: Snow on Sunday with amounts ranging from a dusting to near 3"

- WaPo Picks The Chiefs: Redskins defense braces for Kansas City RB Jamaal Charles

- Local Public Radio Pick: Cypress Ave. Shares Kansas City Favorites For 2013

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