Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Ashley Emma And Kansas City Tuesday Links

Ashley Emma and her social media talents take us to this Tuesday morning and this quick peek at Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Suburban Religious Drama Makes National News: Kan. school reportedly prohibits student from posting fliers with Bible verses

- JoCo Lesson Plan: New exam, tested in Blue Valley schools, goes deeper than simple rankings

- Kansas Shootout Aftermath: Topeka Police Identify 2 of 3 Victims Found Dead, Shooting Victim

- Po'folk Against The State-wide Transit Tax: The Missouri Association for Social Welfare last week filed a lawsuit contesting the summary language of a proposed ballot measure seeking approval for a one cent sale tax increase to fund transportation-related projects.

- Bi-State Border War Bidding: Kansas making a play for Boeing plant as Missouri legislators meet in special session

- Obamacare Helper Lawsuit: Lawsuit challenges Missouri's licensing law for health care 'navigators'

- Tiger Football Free-For-All: Tickets still available for Missouri-Auburn SEC title game

- Show-Me Lesson Waiting For Suckers: Mizzou fans warned about SEC title game ticket scams

- Meth Town Goodness: Spreading Christmas cheer is a year-round business

- Forever Tax Teaching Moment . . . Apps for Apes: KC's orangutans enter the digital age

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Anonymous said...

Apparently one shouldn't say "What a MILF!" too loudly at the supermarket.

Anonymous said...

I hope Browndouche pays attention when Kansas doesn't get the Boeing plant and is realistic with himself. Turning your young populace into a bunch of uneducated tea-baggers makes you look bad to outsiders and you deserve everything you get.

Anonymous said...

"Apps for Apes"???? I thought they were developing apps for the Mayor to use...

Anonymous said...

Get ready to get screwed again by Boeing, got a big incentive to stay in Wichita, got the bucks and hit the road to OKC., now all these governors are sucking their dicks again.