Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anti-Nuke Protestors Await Kansas City Trial

The Vignette features a really nice write-up that follows-up on July anti-nuke protest near Kansas City: Protesters Against Nuclear Weapons On Trial: "Nine civil resisters will go to trial Dec. 13 for crossing the property line July 13 at the new nuclear weapons plant at Botts Road and Missouri Highway 150."


Anonymous said...

Stupid asshole who wrote the link thinks St. Louis is out of state. What a fucking clown show.

Anonymous said...

convect the pricks and send them packing

Anonymous said...

So half-baked and no-talent lawyer Henry Stoever is letting his wife Jane take the fall for him because he's too big of a pussy to take the position himself. Henry was always scared of his own shadow. What a coward.