Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adriana Lima And Kansas City Sunday Links

Adriana Lima and her angelic Victoria's Secret runway hotness starts this look at Kansas City mainstream media links for Sunday.

Check it:

- Cerner And Soccer Supposed To Save A Long Neglected Part Of This Cowtown: Big projects could create a brighter future for south Kansas City

- Rock Chalk Comeback: KU breaks 2-game losing streak with win over New Mexico

- Show-me Weather Tragedy: Ten Killed on Missouri Roads Since Friday Morning Due to Weather, Highway Patrol Says

- Hunting Links So This Seemed Appropriate: Pockets of good habitat in Kansas are islands of hope for pheasant, quail hunters

- Hot Air Amid Peak Oil: Kansas Legislators Push Limit On Wind Power

- Human Interest Just For The Holidays: The Children's Place sponsors make Christmas special for families in need

- Kansas City Institution: One year later, Sister Berta Sailer's challenge has been answered

Another OPEN THREAD for Sunday for off-topic talk and all kind of silly talk . . .


Anonymous said...

Tony, this is last time I comment
On sorry, but Wilson is in a rage,and he's a very powerful man. You don't know what he is capable of, when he feels made fun of.nobody's safe!!

If he doesn't sue you, he'll put a hospital job on ya!


Anonymous said...

Why is this blog still using this dumb and unimaginative outdated template?

Anonymous said...

Same reason you're still reading it.

Anonymous said...

Why would Wilson risk his reputation over a couple comments here from the c and n guy.

Hearne, Glazer, and Wilson have some kind of beef - grudge with Tony and trying to do job on him?

Or is this all a fabrication to try to boost business?

Anonymous said...

Glazer doesn't like the comments here that much is obvious.

Tony owns the blog though. Not Glazer.

Anonymous said...

Glazer ain't got nothing to do with it.
Paul Wilson is just a pussy. A fat, old, ugly pussy, thats all

Anonymous said...

Who is this Wilson person??

Anonymous said...

Re big projects for south KC. We need projects like these that create jobs downtown. Do you think if we put a trolley downtown it would attract projects like these?