Friday, November 01, 2013


Earlier this week we noted that Former Kansas City Star faith writer Bill Tammeus called for the Pope to fire Bishop Finn.

And now . . .


Opening setup . . .

"Yesterday, another open letter was sent to the Vatican seeking the ouster of a bishop; Pope Francis is being asked to remove Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop Robert Finn from office. The request is coming from another person who is not in communion with the Church—he never was—Presbyterian journalist Bill Tammeus. His letter is being featured by the National Catholic Reporter, a left-wing dissident weekly."

Money line . . .

"The irony is complete: Tammeus, a non-Catholic, is writing to the pope to get a bishop removed; this same man has no record of seeking to keep children safe from molesters in a state known for its enfeebled response; and he (used to) write(s) for a newspaper that championed Anthony Kosnik’s book, Human Sexuality, a work that gave cover to child molesters."

That first line in the section passage is a reference to a tragic situation that's mostly unnoticed among mainstream media . . .

Sex Abuse Scandal Rocks Public Schools

Basically, that's Catholic league leader Bill Donohue noting an EPIDEMIC of sex abuse in public schools that hasn't received much attention. Let's not forget there have been multiple rape and sex abuse accusations among the KCPS this year with virtually no media follow-up.

And so . . . While Mr. Tammeus cuts off comments on his blog it's clear that he can't avoid push back on some rather controversial statements that are now being called into question.


Anonymous said...

As a Catholic, I found both Tammaeus' letter and NCR's decision to print it to be both silly and presumptuous.

That said, Bill Donohue is a loose cannon who swings the same sledgehammer whether he is trying to break rocks, or swatting flies in a china shop. He often does more damage to the church than defense of it.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,

Lordy. Some people!
I am Catholic.
I was baptized as an infant.
I wore a white frilly dress at my First Communion.
I had my chapel veil and Rosary in my school bag.
I was taught my catechism lessons by the parish Pastor every week.
I attended Mass one day a week with our class and with the entire school on Fridays.
I fulfilled my requirements faithfully by going to confession.
I attended Mass with my family on Sundays.
I attended all Holy Day masses through out the year.
I was Confirmed in my church.
I attend Mass on my Saint's Day.
My Rosary is in the inside zip pocket of my purse. Every purse that I own must have this protective pocket for my Rosary.
I had my Rosary re-blessed at my Granddaughter's First communion.

Nowhere in all of my readings of religion and being a part of my church has any one said that my God requires me to lie for him. No where.
Harming children is a filthy past time, covering it up is a crime.

I say to the CATHOLIC LEAGUE FUCK YOU. and I will pray for your soul.

Anonymous said...

There has not been any follow up on the KCPS rape because it was bullshit.

Anonymous said...

If Tammaeus think he can run the catholic church let the SOB buy it lock stock and barrel. He can then proceed to show everyone how it is done. In the meantime this ass hole with his delusions of grandeur should shut his pie hole and keep looking for a real job - if he is even qualified for one.

Anonymous said...

Finn should burn in Hell.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked. Till Tammaeus is a journalist?

Anonymous said...

Miss sweetie pie swears!

Anonymous said...

This is why I will never support a teachers union. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Miss Sweetie Pie,
Use the rosary to pray for the Catholic League, but only if you know how to use it.The one you carried around,
for years, had blessed twice, yeah that one!