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Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is calling a crime conference in Kansas City and St. Louis - The two Missouri towns that lead not only the state but the nation in violent crime.

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Presser - Missouri attorney general announces urban crime summit in KC and St. Louis

"Chris Koster is convening the four-day summit Sept. 16-19 to examine best practices and develop a series of recommendations for “meaningful policy reforms,” he said in a press release. The first two days of the summit will transpire in Kansas City at the University of Missouri-Kansas and the final two days in St. Louis."

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Attorney General Koster to Convene Urban Crime Summit, Sept. 16 - 19 -- Events in Kansas City and St. Louis to feature experts in law enforcement and criminology

Jefferson City, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster announced today a four-day Urban Crime Summit to explore meaningful responses to the high rate of urban crime facing metropolitan areas in Missouri. Both St. Louis and Kansas City consistently rank in the top 10 nationally for high levels of violent crime.

The Attorney General's Urban Crime Summit will be held September 16 and 17 in Kansas City at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and September 18 and 19 in St. Louis at Saint Louis University School of Law.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly of the New York City Police Department will open the Summit on Monday, September 16.

In addition to Koster, the panel each day will be composed of St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, Kansas City Mayor Sly James, Chief Sam Dotson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté. County Executive Charlie Dooley and St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch will join the panel at the St. Louis meetings. All sessions are free and open to the public.

"This Summit is not simply another community meeting about a challenging topic," Koster said. "This Summit will bring to Missouri many of the nation's preeminent scholars and most important voices in the law enforcement community. For four days, we will explore solutions to the heartbreaking problem of violence in our cities."

"Violent crime affects every aspect of our community," Koster said. "Beyond the threat to personal safety, violent crime impacts Missouri families and schools and our state's economic development. I appreciate the commitment from Mayor Slay, Mayor James, Chief Dotson and Chief Forté to set aside four days for a critical examination of the most effective ways to improve public safety."

Recognizing that the impact of violent crime in our cities extends beyond urban communities, Koster said, "The goal of this summit is to examine the best practices developed throughout the nation to address urban crime and to develop a series of recommendations for meaningful policy reforms."

"I appreciate Attorney General Koster highlighting the unique situation of our state's metropolitan areas when it comes to violent crime," said Kansas City Mayor Sly James. "It was made even more evident to me during my recent visit to the White House that this problem is deeply rooted in urban areas and that there is no silver bullet solution. We will only be able to tackle violent crime when we make it a priority at every level of government."

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay added, "Our streets are awash with guns. It is far too easy for criminals to get them. This has got to stop. No matter where you live, how much money you make, or what the color of skin is, you have a right to live in a safe neighborhood and not have to worry about becoming a victim of a crime. We must send a message to the people who are all too willing to carry and use illegal guns in our cities: your nonsense won’t be tolerated here."

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté said, "Reducing violent crime in Kansas City has been my primary goal since I was sworn in as Chief of Police. I look forward to discussing violence prevention strategies with our cross-state colleagues and some of the most innovative thinkers in the field of law enforcement."

"Violent crime continues to plague urban areas throughout the country. As a society we must all work together to address crime," said St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson. "This summit is a great opportunity to engage in conversation centered around new and innovative practices to combat crime in our region."

The Attorney General's Urban Crime Summit will feature national and regional experts on issues such as hot-spot policing, crime mapping, evidence-based policing, strategies to reduce gun violence, and the challenges facing felons reentering society.

The agenda for the Summit is being finalized and will be available on the Attorney General’s website at when confirmed. Each of the four sessions is slated to run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily. Each day will include designated media availability.

Confirmed presenters include:

- Commissioner Raymond Kelly, New York City Police Department

- William Bratton, former New York City Police Commissioner, Boston Police Commissioner and Los Angeles Chief of Police.

- Cynthia Lum, Director, and Christopher Koper, Senior Fellow, Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, George Mason University.

- Harold Pollack, University of Chicago Crime Lab.

- Nancy La Vigne, Director of the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center.

- Franklin Zimring, Berkeley Law, University of California.

- Richard Rosenfeld, University of Missouri-St. Louis.

- Jennifer Joyce, Circuit Attorney of the City of St. Louis.

- Jean Peters Baker, Jackson County Prosecutor.

- Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

- Dave Starbuck, President of the Midwest Gang Investigators Association, and retired Sergeant, KCPD Gang Unit.

- Daniel Isom, University of Missouri-St. Louis, former Police Chief of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.


Anonymous said...

He could win it all IF his ex-wife keeps her trap shut.

Anonymous said...

It would be a start if he would just take care of the criminals who "serve" as MO and KC "officials." Why do they think anyone is going to pay much attention to listening to what they say about crime when elected officials are criminals themselves. Do ad I say, not as I do - does not work.

Anonymous said...

This punk ass reminds me of watching Les Nessman in WKRP. He is so full of shit his own mother could not love him, but he is out pitching himself like he is selling cars drug up from the bottom of a lake somewhere. Other than print pamphlets and render self-serving AG opinions this guy hasn't don't shit about crime in Missouri as the #1 Law Enforcement hack in the state. What the hell is him becoming governor going to do other than further his own political ambitions? He sure as hell isn't going to change votes in the state legislature, which is pretty much conservative, rural Republican. Kostner needs to sit the fuck down, shut up and get that "Dudley Do Right" smile off his face before he gets exposed as the bullshiting fake that he is.

Blue KC said...

Koster did a good job in some of his prosecutions. I like the fact that he's not a "progressive" and really is more independent than most democrats.

Anonymous said...

Now just how long is it going to be before grand ole Missouri, has a nigger Governor?? That will just about do it for the state but you know that's probably coming. Brace yourself. With that in mind, Chris Koster looks really good.

J.W. said...

This guy is the one we need to understand all the crime in KC. He is white and lives in a gated community which gives him not only credibility but also experience.

And Miley Cyrus dropped 'da bomb on Syria also.

Anonymous said...

Agree with J.W., seems like the guy is looking for a campaign issue and not a real discussion.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Another conference on crime. How many of these has Kansas City had and still no results. The murder rate is as high as ever.

Bgo said...

Another dog and pony show.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar will solve all our problems. Thanks to king James

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he'll invite Ellington and all his black caucus and Nation of Islam spouting buddies? Oh wait - no the blacks have to stick together and fuck whatever white people are saying they got god to figure this shit out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, his ex-wife will be sure to expose EVERYTHING she knows about Chris. She's got more shit on him - plus lots and lots of lawyers who give money to candidates hate Chris. He just switched to the Democratic Party a few years ago after being a Republican for most of his career.

Anonymous said...

So he's invited all of the people who are responsible for addressing the violent crime as experts on the subject even though they haven't been able to make an impact on violent crime? Can't imagine what the outcome of this farce will be.

Anonymous said...

Put your $$$ where your mouth is Chris. Get Sly and the Gang and book a hotel off of The Paseo...oh wait, uh, motel. And hold your little pow wow AT NIGHT at 18th and Vine. Lots of tax money went to that crap hole. And then pitter patter over to St. Louis (but dude, uh, check your shit first if KJ is with Papa) and hold your powwow on the last eastern inch of MO in St. Louis. Ohhh, wish we could ALL go!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be a nice little Antifaschismus gathering at the front of this conference to welcome the venerable Herr Ray Kelly to our fine state.

Anonymous said...

Chief Alber should be there

Anonymous said...

Well shit if ALber is going to be there the rest of them can just stay home. I mean fuck, the guy has an action figure and everything!

Clowns on bicycles, WTF.

Anonymous said...

That's right - gather all the idiots who haven't put forth any teal solutions and give them air tome and photo ops. That will help the crime rate. Or you could have all the allegedly "former" criminals come and school 'em.

Anonymous said...

Just fry somebody Koster

you lame piecs of shit

Anonymous said...

Getting a bunch of homophobic blacks in a room with Koster should be interesting.