Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Lucy Pinder And The Kansas City Link Pool

Lucy Pinder and her poolside hotness start this look at Kansas City mainstream media links right now . . .

- KCPD EPIC Photography: Police officer uses camera to shine light on KC's darkest areas

- Telcom Work: AT&T plans hiring in Kansas City

- The Most Recent Cowtown Round-Up: More than 60 drivers at Kansas City checkpoint didn't have license

- Leftover Round-Up Story Still Worth A Read: Koster Opposing Bill That Could Nullify Federal Gun Laws In Mo.

- Gov. Jay Tax Fight Move: Nixon won't call special session on income tax cut

- Big Money For Kansas City Science: Children's Mercy genome research gets $5M NIH grant

- Sunflower State Crackdown On Po'Folk: Kansas food stamp eligibility tightened

- Local Doggie Case: KC man bound over for trial in death of KCK dog trainer

- Google Fiber Reminders: Autumn Deadlines Fast Approaching in KC

- Habitual Internets Nasty: Kansan sentenced to 10 years for Internet sex crime committed while in treatment

- No Emergency Plan For Local Little Ones: KS & MO lack disaster plan for kids

- Saving Kansas City Big Screens: The Midway and I-70 drive-ins struggle to survive the digital conversion

Also worth note . . .

Check out Lucy Pinder's Official Facebook Fan Page revealing HER FIRST VISIT TO THE STATES COMING SOON IN BOSTON!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to crowd raise funds to travel to Boston?

Tony said...

lolz. No, but I am hoping they post pix.

Anonymous said...

god bless tkc

Anonymous said...

How many of those 60 without licenses were your relatives from down south, T?

Ricky Ricardo said...

Lucy, I'm home.

Anonymous said...

I love Lucy