Friday, July 12, 2013

Overland Park Police Chief Blog Lays Down The Law For Unruly JoCo Cyclists

Cyclist is just another word for 'road terrorist' in Kansas City Proper and so it's nice to see some suburbanite pushback . . .

This Overland Park Police Chief blog post is worth a click:

Everybody Has to Follow the Rules

Money quote:

"Every person riding a bicycle upon a roadway has the same rights as any motor vehicle, but is also held to the same laws as the motor vehicles. That means they have to obey all traffic control devices (stop lights and stop signs) and they must signal lane changes. And for the speed racers, this means obeying speed limits, as well."

Sadly, in KCMO cyclists rule the streets with a dangerous sense of entitlement that also detours Missouri politics and shoves their banana-hammock-biker-shorts in the face of peaceful and law-abiding motorists.

P.S. - Is Critical Mass still up and running or did they send them all to Guantanamo Bay to be force fed with Mos Def? 2/3 possible answers to this question will cause TKC to celebrate freedom!!!


Anonymous said...

I say ticket the bums make them obey the laws.

Anonymous said...

Few of the original Critical Mass'rs still ride it.
Circling The Plaza yelling "happy friday" gets boring.