Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KCPS Super Promises Return To Accreditation

In a recent Northeast Kansas City Community meeting Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Stephen Green once again promised a turnaround.

“We will be well beyond the 70 points in the next few weeks and on our way to full accreditation,” Green said. “We’re just at the rebound of turning this district around . . ."

Northeast News provides the background on the situation preceded by more than 30 years of empty promises: "Last year, KCPS came close to regaining provisional accreditation, meeting five of the 14 benchmarks on the state’s Annual Performance Report (APR). Since 2012, the state has adopted a new system for measuring a district’s performance, and points range from 0 to 140. To qualify for provisional accreditation, a district must earn 70 points. Items evaluated include graduation rates, student achievement, college and career readiness, attendance rates, among other benchmarks."

Meanwhile . . . Kansas City 3rd District denizens are already prepared for a KCPS break-up along with eager parents in Waldo/Brookside.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Right uh huh

Anonymous said...

Just turning the corner, on the rebound, building, rebuilding, blah, blah, blah. And I see Dr. Stephen Green isn't a math whiz because there's no way that meeting 5 out of 14 benchmarks can be called "close to regaining" anything. But the state isn't any better because they're giving provisional accreditation for getting 70 out of a possible 140 points? Isn't 50% still a failing grade in school?

Anonymous said...

@9:07 Are you really bitching about the fact the KCPS is improving?

Do you really want the KCPS scholars being bused into neighboring districts?