Sunday, June 16, 2013


Kansas City transit activsit Clay Chastain starts his court crusade this week.

To wit . . .


Here's what we like . . .

This is really a court case weighing KANSAS CITY'S CITIZEN INITIATIVE PETITION PROCESS and its practical application.

Even better . . . Mr. Chastain has a flair for the dramatic and he puts the issues into perspective with his latest presser.

Check it:

Missouri Supreme Court battle underway to expose the wolf (city) in sheep's clothing.

With the filing of our legal brief on Friday (see attachment) with the Missouri Supreme Court, the battle of Gettysburg has begun as we aim to upend the city's conniving power play to control and subvert the people's right to initiative in Kansas City.

The wolf has 20 days to file its answer...and feeble and deceiving it will be.

The wolf has already deceived the lower court as well as the appellate court, and now it will be at its cunning best to deceive the highest court in the state,

* The wolf will posture that it is only trying to protect the voters (sheep) from being "confused" by having to vote on an initiative that cannot guarantee full funding for the transit project proposed. When in fact, the wolf has twice placed on the ballot (2001 and 2008) city-sponsored transit the initiative at hand...that also needed non-guaranteed federal matching funds to build the project!!! The wolf is the ultimate hypocrite...pretending to be what he is not.

* The wolf will posture that the initiative is unconstitutional because it appropriates money for the project it proposes. When in fact, the initiative does no such thing. It clearly creates a new tax and instructs the city to also use that tax as a mechanism to leverage federal funds from a federal funding program that already exists!!. The word appropriation means what the wolf wants it to mean.

* The wolf will posture that the initiative will cost the city money to place it before voters at a special election. When in fact, the all the ones I have turned in preceding it...was timed to go on the city's regularly scheduled November general election ballot, thus costing the city perhaps 5-cents worth of extra ink. The wolf lies again.

* The wolf will posture that since the initiative says on its face...use the tax to "help fund," it is an overt admission the tax proposed is insufficient and thus the initiative...on its face... violates the state constitution. When in fact, the wolf cherry picked the initiative and left out the fact that the initiative also says.."AND ALSO use the tax to secure federal matching funds". By trying to get his way by arguing a point taken out of context, the wolf again proves he is the master at deception.

* The wolf will try to avoid admitting to the court that it already has a legal remedy provided it under the city charter for dealing with voter-approved problematic initiatives.....the wolf can amend or repeal them by a majority vote of the city council!! The wolf will try and hide important facts from the Supreme Court judges. Hiding behind something is the wolf's favorite prop!

The wolf is afraid. When in fact it should be, because if the people are ever allowed to vote on their valid light rail initiative they well most likely approve it, thus upending the wolf's control and own insider-fashioned plans.

In the end, we pray these high caliber judges will stop the wolf, remove the fleece from the wolf, and expose this dangerous political predator that is out to eviscerate the people's right to initiative and exert further CONTROL over "We the People."


Anonymous said...

Better title: Clay vs. Sly.

That's the real issue TKC.

Anonymous said...

Weasel vs. silverback gorilla.

Anonymous said...

Clay is doing the right thing hope he keeps it up.

Anonymous said...

We support you, Clay!

xalti said...

nobody really expects Clay to win this one and it reminds me of the light rail vote. Nobody expected him to win that wither but he did and the implications of that are still confounding the people running City Hall.

the Editor said...

Hope he wins! We're cheering for you. This Mayor and Council have just run amuck! Thank you for saving Kansas City from the horror show it calls leadership!

chuck said...

Jesus, just fix the roads, the sewers and hire some cops.

Good grief.

Clay is NOT Jimmy Stewart and Sly is NOT Morgan Freeman.

Get back to basics and be good stewards of KC Taxpayer monies.

You're not getting a fuckin reality show and Puffy don't want ya at the party.

Tomorrow is Monday, get there early and work. It won't be fun, it won't be glamorous, but the city needs results and so do the city's tax payers.

This Chastian guy is like fuckin herpes from Paris Hilton.

Go away!

Anonymous said...

Chuck FTW!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you chuck just WTF have you done to control out of control spending at City Hall? Sort of like that stupid fuck ass story you so proud of over at KCC a lot of words that mean nothing from a nobody.

Anonymous said...

You get on all these site flapping your pie hole all the time but have you ever really ever done anything but piss and whine. Hell no you have not, least Clay is trying to stop a taxpayers nightmare.

Anonymous said...

9:15 & 9:17 FTW

Anonymous said...

This guy is worse than Jason Kander

Anonymous said...

The man is unbalanced.

Whacked the fuck out. He hasn't lived in KC in years.

Byron probably body snatched the man.

Anonymous said...

The real question with Clay Shitstain is: Who's financing this idiot?? Really, where is the money coming from, for airline tickets, filing fees, etc??? Something is definitely rotten in Denmark AND Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about the streetcar, at least its an actual plan, no a fucking pipe dream of free rail from KCI to Swope park paid for with pixie dust.

Anonymous said...

That's good. It's what happens when Chastain ejaculates....pixie dust.